How to Upload Instagram Photos via PC

Hello Hitech friends, apparently up to now the Instagram social media platform is still very popular compared to other social media platforms.

Instagram is an application that is more widely used on mobile devices, because this social media is designed as a place to share photos and stories directly from users’ mobile devices.

How to Upload Instagram Photos via PC

How to Upload Instagram Photos via PC

But the question is whether Instagram can be used to upload photos via PC? The answer is ” Very Possible!! ” Of course with special techniques.

Don’t worry anymore bro and sis, don’t worry, I will share the techniqueHow to Upload Instagram Photos via PC”which I will review below, come on, let’s look at it together.

1. Inspect your Instagram profile page

Inspect the page on your Instagram profile by right clicking on the mouse then selectingInspector you can pressCtrl+Shift+Ion your keyboard until the Inspect page display appears.

2. Pilih Toggle Device Toolbar

SelectToggle Device Toolbarat the top of the inspection sheet page or pressCtrl+Shift+M simultaneously on your keyboard, in order to change the page display from desktop to device. Remember, don’t close or close the Inspection sheet until the image upload process is complete.

3. Refresh Halaman

Then refresh the page or press the F5 button so that the page updates with mobile display and the photo upload feature appears.

4. Select the Upload Photo Icon

Select the icon or feature for uploading photos as shown in the picture, to start uploading the photos or images you have chosen.

5. Continue with the steps to upload photos

Continue the steps to upload photos or images as usual on your mobile device.

6. Photo / Image Uploaded Successfully

Finally, the photo or image has been successfully uploaded to your Instagram account via PC. How easy is that?

Hopefully this article is useful and provides inspiration for all of you who are active on social media, especially Instagram. Keep visiting our blog and wait for other interesting articles from us.

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