How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud

How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud – Do you like to make a song? and still confused where to upload it? calm down you don’t have to worry because there is Soundcloud, by using Soundcloud you can from now on upload songs on Soundcloud for free.

How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud
How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud

Currently, many music creators have started using Soundcloud, this is because Soundcloud is older (older) than other music sites, no wonder this music site is still popular today.

Now, talking about Soundcloud, for those of you who don’t understand how to upload songs on Soundcloud and want to upload your own songs, surely you need a guide on how to upload songs on Soundcloud, right? if true, you can see the tutorial from us below.

How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud on PC/Laptop and Android

In this tutorial, we will provide a guide on how to upload songs on Soundcloud on one device, namely a PC or laptop, and for a guide to uploading songs on android it’s actually the same way.

So you no longer need to ask how to upload songs on android Soundcloud, because the article We make this complete and the guide is the same.

1. Go to SoundCloud Site

First of all, open the Soundcloud site, if you are an android/ios user you can download the Soundcloud application first on your android smartphone.

2. Create a SoundCloud Account

Before you upload songs on Soundcloud, you should first create a Soundcloud account, if you are confused about how you can read our article entitled How to Create a SoundCloud Account.

3. Look for the Upload Icon

The third step is to find the upload icon on Soundcloud, if you are a PC/laptop user you can open the following url link

4. Upload Songs

Once in the Upload menu, you will find theDrag And Drop Your Track & Albums Here feature, clickor “Choose Files To upload”to upload your song, and select the song you want to upload, then wait a few minutes until the song upload process is complete.

5. Fill in Basic Song Info

After you have successfully uploaded the song on Soundcloud, the next step you are asked to enter the basic info for the song that you uploaded earlier, fill in all the song information requested by SoundCloud, and finally click Save.

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