How To Use CCTV For Live Streaming

With technology, the prohibition of going home to suppress the Covid-19 pandemic did not become an obstacle to interacting with relatives or parents far from home. Not only communicating via smartphone or laptop with video conferencing, we can also use CCTV for live streaming.

How to Use CCTV for Live Streaming
How to Use CCTV for Live Streaming

How to Use CCTV for Live Streaming

Prohibition of going home from the government is indeed a tough decision. But that is not an obstacle to be able to stay in touch with family in their hometown.

Until the time the policy appointment is delivered, the unique implementation of the smart camera is worth trying to cure your longing for the people in your hometown.

The reason is that video call services have become a normal and normal thing to do among the people. But video calls require moments or take specific time to be made.

Well, a smart camera better known as CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a camera device that is usually used to monitor and become a home or shop security system. But with a little adaptation, the function of CCTV can be mo.

One of the leading producers in this sector is EZVIZ which is a sub-brand of Hikvision. This Chinese manufacturer has a variety of indoor smart camera products that are ideal for capturing
everyday moments.

Make use of CCTV

Here are some creative ideas to use CCTV for live streaming:

Choose a high-resolution camera

In order to have quality images, choose a camera with high resolution. For example there are smart cameras from EZVIZ that have a 4 mm lens with a sensor 1 / 2.9 “Progressive Scan CMOS so that they can capture images up to Full-HD 1080p resolution.

Even better if you have a motor with vertical and horizontal rotation functions, so that it displays a surveillance area up to 360 ° without a blind spot.

Plus a 2.4GHz wireless connection and a pair of microphone-speakers make it possible to communicate with the other party even when they are far away like home.

Live streaming through the application

Supported by mobile applications, we can access the smart camera shows that are connected by WIFI anywhere easily and comfortably.

The main function of this camera is intended for home security, but with a variety of features and technological sophistication, we can use a cctv smart camera to be able to concurrently function to provide a live stream of daily activities of relatives and loved ones.

Install in a Strategic Location

Easy and simple installation makes an ideal smart camera to be placed in a strategic room such as in the family room or wherever the main center of activity takes place.

Spontaneous Unique Moments

The unique and creative implementation of this smart camera allows users to watch and capture interesting everyday moments that are very difficult to capture.

Thus you can Use CCTV for Live Streaming. If you have any issues, comment us in the comment box.

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