EufyCam E Wireless Security System: Detailed Review

Security cameras are a good idea if you can install them at home, but depending on the model, it’s not always the easiest thing to do.
EufyCam E Wireless Security System
EufyCam E Wireless Security System
The passage of cables, the fixing of cameras and detectors are not always a part of pleasure, but fortunately there are wireless solutions. One of them is the security system offered by the Eufy brand.

Know About EufyCam E Wireless Security System

The EufyCam E pack includes two 1080p cameras as well as the very important hub that makes it possible to connect all but also to record the videos directly on a micro SD card provided.
The EufyCam E wireless security system with two cameras with long battery life and no subscription is currently available for € 319.99 (instead of $ 399.99).
Unlike other recent security cameras, the Eufy brand goes against the current trend by favoring the recording of surveillance videos on micro SD card in the central unit instead of the cloud. This makes it possible to completely cancel the costs of a subscription in the cloud which is nevertheless proposed as an optional service.
The included micro SD card has a capacity of 16 GB and can store for up to 10 events per day for 30 seconds per video, which is the most common use scenario for a camera.
This 100% wireless camera system is weather protected to IP65 and is ideal for outdoor or indoor use. The internal battery offers a full year autonomy with a single charge (or three years in standby mode).
In addition to record-breaking autonomy, each camera can shoot in 1080p resolution using a Sony Exmor wide-aperture f2.2 sensor and offers night vision so you can see everything that goes on outside. Day and night.
And using the Eufy Security app, you’ll be able to record on the video stream of the camera and see what’s happening at home wherever you are.

EufyCam E installation

The installation of the system is very simple, everything is done by the application Eufy Security. The first time it is necessary to begin by adding the central unit which asked to carry out its update, then the cameras one by one.

Eufy had the good idea to include two different brackets (screwed to the wall) with each surveillance camera: a screw-in bracket at the back of the camera and a magnetic holder that makes it easy to change the positioning of the camera.

Indeed, the rear face of each camera is equipped with a powerful magnet to fix it on its magnetic support or any other metal support.

Once you have configured everything as you wish, you can change the camera settings via the Eufy Security application. You can choose from several recording modes, each of which has an influence on the battery life, the default option makes a recording of 20 seconds and a reduced detection period.

If you are ready to recharge the batteries more often, there is an optimal monitoring mode that records sequences of 60 seconds. Then you have a custom mode that allows you to manually adjust the length of the video and the frequency of the trigger, this can go up to 120 seconds of recording in intervals of 0 to 60 seconds.

With motion detection, you only have the sensitivity that can be changed, there is no monitoring by zone. On the other hand each camera is equipped with a microphone and a loudspeaker, which allows you to speak with a person returning to your home or your property or to trigger the alarm.

NAS compatibility

An option that will interest the owner of the server, the security system EufyCam E is compatible with the registration on your NAS via RTSP. Synology, for example, supports this feature using the RTSP protocol. So you can manage your CCTV cameras using software such as Blue Iris.


The performance of this monitoring system is excellent. Motion detection is very effective and does not generate false positives because of a tree branch that moves with the wind for example.

In addition night vision mode works perfectly and is sensitive enough to detect the passage of a cat nearby, which is reassuring because the presence of an intruder will be detected.

If the quality of the video is good both during the day and evening, it is a little less at night, which does not prevent cameras from correctly detecting any movement.


The EufyCam E surveillance system impressed me with its efficiency and camera performance except night video which can be improved. The system is very simple to set up even for people with little knowledge of computer and alarm system installation.

The wireless security system EufyCam E is a product that I strongly recommend, especially since once you have purchased the pack, you do not have a subscription to subscribe because the central can record directly videos on micro SD card.

Overall, this is one of the best security systems I’ve used and one of the most attractive given the value for money/benefits that the security system Eufy brings. The EufyCam E security system is currently available for € 319.99 (instead of$ 399.99).

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