Google Hangout is one of the communication platform options via chat and video calls . For those of you who don’t know, this is how to use Google Hangout easily and quickly.

How To Use Google Hangout Easily And Quickly
How To Use Google Hangout Easily And Quickly

How To Use Google Hangout Easily And Quickly

Google Hangout is an instant messaging application to video calls developed by Google since 2013. To use it is easy because all you really need is a Gmail account .

If you already have a Gmail account, refer directly to the next process below to use Google Hangout.

1. Use of Hangout On PC

The use of Google Hangout on a personal computer (PC) can be done by opening the address or opening Google Hangout in Gmail.

Then, the user is asked to click on the top ‘new conversation +’. From there, enter and select the name or email address that you want to contact so the user can immediately type a message to send.

In addition to instant messaging, users can also make video calls or video calls.

2. Use of Hangout On Android

Opening Google Hangout on an android phone starts by selecting the Hangouts app or app. Then, select the bottom right and select ‘add +’ and create a ‘new conversation’.

From there, a column will appear to type the name you want to contact. When writing any message, users can add emojis, photos, locations, to stickers.

3. Use of Hangout On iPhone and iPad

Similar to Google Hangout on Android, users can first open the Hangouts application. Then, select the bottom and tap ‘add +’.

Type and choose a person’s name. Finally, users can directly send messages and communicate through Google Hangouts.

Thus we can use google hangout on pc, android, iphone and ipad.

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