What Is It And How to Use Hangouts on Android?

Hangouts is a Google-owned application that offers multipleinstant messaging features. It is known that currently, the main app for these cases is WhatsApp, but it is also trying to take its own path.

What Is It And How to Use Hangouts on Android?
What Is It And How to Use Hangouts on Android?

Some of the things it allows video callingwith your contacts and sharing content with them. It was a very dynamic and efficient replacement for Google Talk. That’s why we show you how to use Hangouts on Android.

Steps to follow to use Hangouts on Android

Using Hangouts on Android is a fairly simple procedure as you just have to follow these instructions that we provide below.

Step 1: Download the application

Although it seems very obvious, the first thing to do is to download the appon your terminal. You can do it directly from the Google Play Store by entering “Hangouts” in the search engine or via thislink. It is totally free.

After selecting the result, you need to click on the ”Install” button and wait a few moments while downloading and installing on your device. You can also download Hangouts on Tablet.

Step 2: Launch the application

After installing it on your mobile phone, to use Hangouts on Android you just need topress the app iconin the main menu and access it.

Once started, you just have to slide the screen to the left side and so you cansee all the contacts. In this section, you can have everyone who is offline or online.

Step 3: Interact with contacts

To start a conversation in Hangouts,click one of theavailablecontacts. There you will have several options: video conference with the camera icon and common chat.

In case you wish to establish an interaction with that contact, whether for a message or a video call,a requestwill besentto that person. It is sent via PC or mobile device, depending on where the platform is located.

If you use video calling you will have the basic functions and tools, as well asallowing the inclusion of multiple people or groups.

Only by following these three steps that we indicate can you use Hangouts on Android without any problem. This way many users have realized how fun and easy this platform is to use.

Also you can access it from your computer, without downloading it to your Android device. What isrequired is that you have an account created on Google.

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