How to Use Instagram Insights – In 5 Effective Ways

Instagram is one of the most trendy and happening social media platforms today. It is most popular with the young crowd, which largely comprises millennials and Gen Z. On a monthly basis, more than a billion people use the app, making it a very enticing platform for social media marketing.

How to Use Instagram Insights
How to Use Instagram Insights

How to Use Instagram Insights – In 5 Effective Ways

This social media platform has its own in-built marketing tool called Instagram Insights which provides you with various information. This information includes audience demographics and engagement with your account.

If you are trying to advertise your products, business, or services using Instagram, using Insights is an easy and free way to get a basic idea of how to market better. You can use various data and statistics that is provided to create content that is more suited for your audience. By doing this, you can grow Instagram followers faster.

In this article, we will be talking about 5 effective ways to use Instagram Insights to help you boost the popularity of your page.

Apart from this, you can use websites such as Viralyft,, and to gain more Instagram likes. The higher engagement you get, the better it is for your page. Additionally, you can also make use of paid promotions on Instagram to reach a wider audience.

Let us now discuss 5 ways in which you can use Instagram Insights in detail.

1. Post Insights

You can choose to view insights for individual posts as well as a group of posts. To view insights on a group of posts, you can filter them on the basis of how old they are, content type, and measurement (i.e. comments, likes, engagement, etc.).

Use the filters to see the data that is relevant to your marketing strategy. For example, if you want to measure the increase in audience engagement with your posts over a period of 3 months, choose the required filters. Then you can see whether or not the engagement on your posts has increased and by how much.

Similarly, you can also base your marketing strategy around previous insights. Keep time-based goals, such as hitting an average of 3000 likes on posts within 3 months, and work towards that goal.

2. Story Insights

Unlike posts, stories are only live for 24 hours. Hence, it is important that you make the most of those few hours. By using insights, you can see if your stories were engaging enough to keep your audience watching them till the end.

A good tip is to not post too many stories in a single day, as your audience will exit your story if it gets too long. If there is a certain type of story that your audience engages with more, it is advisable to create more of such stories. However, do keep the content fresh.

3. Demographics

One of the most useful features of Instagram Insights is that you can analyse the demographics of your audience. Under the Followers section of the Insight homepage, you can view age, gender, and location statistics of your followers.

Additionally, once you know the demographics of your audience, you can create content to suit them and make them more interested. For instance, if your audience includes more people from a particular country, you could keep a track of trending topics from that country and inculcate it in your posts and stories.

4. Audience Engagement

Using Insights, you can view the times and days of the week when your followers are most active. You can use this data to schedule your posts and stories in order to get maximum audience engagement.

As mentioned before, stories only stay active for 24 hours, so you need to post them while your audience is heavily active. On the other hand, even though posts stay up till you remove them, it goes lower in your audience’s feed with time.

However, if most of your audience is active when you post, there are higher chances that they will see your post at the top of the feed. This also increases the chance that they will engage with it.

5. Paid Promotions

Instagram also provides you with the option of paid promotions. Using this, you can pay for the posts you want, and they will be displayed on prospective follower’s feeds. This widens the audience who usually see your posts and can lead to a boost in your followers.

Here too, you get the option of viewing Insights for each paid promotion. Since you need to pay an amount based on the duration of your promotion, do make the most of it. Find trends from your older posts to see which one’s attract more audience, and create more of such content.

For example, if you have an e-commerce business and are trying to promote it, post products similar to those that your audience liked and bought more than your other products. Find creative ways to advertise them and make it compelling enough to attract new buyers.

On an added note, you must have a Business profile to be able to access Instagram Insights. This feature is not provided for Private accounts.

Using Instagram Insights does not require you to have any sort of prior training, and it is effortless to use. With basic knowledge of data analysis, you can effectively use the data provided by Insights and drastically increase your page’s popularity.

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