How to Use the Xbox or PlayStation Controller As a Remote Control for Mac

Connecting anXbox or PlayStation controller to your rubber bandEnjoy your favorite video games is something we all already know and it’s very easy. However,using it as a remote control deviceis something else, but with Controlly you can handle it.

How to Use the Xbox or PlayStation Controller As a Remote Control for Mac
How to Use the Xbox or PlayStation Controller As a Remote Control for Mac

How to connect a game controller to a Mac

Connecting any Bluetooth video game driver to an apple device is quite easy. Logically, it must offer support for proper button recognition, but basically it consists in activating the pairing mode and accessing it fromBluetooth Settings for macOS.

Depending on whether the driver is for Xbox or PlayStation, the process may be slightly different, but only in the part where you have to press the appropriate button on each of them to start the pairing process.

This connection between the two devices is, of course, solely and exclusively for the use of the controller in games that support this type of control. This means all available on platforms such as Apple Arcade, Steam and the like that offer titles for Mac. But what if we wanted to use the gamepad not only to play.

What is Controlly

Controlled, the application is available in the App Store, which was developed to meet exactly what is needed tocontrol Apple’s desktop operating systemwith a game controller.

With the analog levers, you can move the course around the surface and use the buttons to perform other actions that the user will be able to completely customize.

Thanks to this tool, Microsoft and Sony controls of previous generations as well as the recent Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 can be used without any problems.

And it is very useful and practical for all types of users, even for those who have some kind of disability related to mobility.

To use Controlly, just download the app when you run it. Yes, you need to know that it is necessary toenable it in System Preferences> Accessibility, which can be controlled by theoperatingsystem.

Only then will you be able to use the remote control with this application and assign any type of action to its buttons, crosshairs and analog levers. You can even assign key combinations to it.

For example, with it you have Mission Control “Application Launcher” access, display the desktop, increase or decrease the volume and even brightness on the screen, move the cursor, main click, right mouse button and everything you do every day using the keyboard, mouse or trackpad.

Help for disabled users

If there’s one thing Apple has been working on seriously in recent years, it’s all about accessibility. Both MacOS and iOS and iPadOS offer numerous options that allow you to improve user comfort for all users who have some type of disability.

With Controlly, those who suffer from some type of obstacle that will allow them to easily handle the keyboard and mouse will have another option to those that macOS already offers, such as VoiceOver and the like.

Therefore, this small tool is also very useful for all of them. In addition to being compatible with Xbox controllers, it can also be used with anadaptive Xbox controller. So it would be even easier for many to access and control a Mac if they want to do more than play on it.

How to get Controlly

Controlled is an application available in the Mac App Storethat you can download for free and try for seven days. After this time, you’ll be able to unlock it for use without any restrictions, or right from the start, if you’re sure it’s the app you’re looking for through integrated purchases and for a single payment.

So if you’ve been looking for an option like this, here’s how. Now it’s just a matter of installing and configuring each of the options it offers, depending on what game controls you use with it. Because the Xbox driver will not be the same as the PlayStation driver that has the trackpad.

In this video shared by the app developer, you can see how it works. Its usefulness will be much clearer to you, although we have no doubt that you have already fully understood what it is for.

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