How To Use Google Stadia Controller As A Gamepad On A PC

Google Stadia Controller: Initially, the Google Stage controller on the PC did not work fully, but thanks to several updates, Google finally forced it … to plug in. However, now it is also possible to use the Stadia remote control on a PC wirelessly and we will tell you everything you need to connect and configure.

How to Use Google Stadium Controller as a Gamepad on a PC
How to Use Google StadiaController as a Gamepad on a PC

From now on, you won’t need a USB-C cable to connect your Google Stage controller to your computer. Google has announced that the wireless functionality of the controller has been implemented for platform users, which now enables wireless connectivity between the Stadium controller and Stadium browser-based devices. Let’s take a look.

Google Stage driver for your PC

Ever since Stadia was launched in November 2019 and right now, the Stadia controller could only work wirelessly if it worked in combination with the Chromecast Ultra. This limited the ability of PC users to limit themselves to playing on the platform using their usual keyboard and mouse.

Later, Google added the ability to connect the remote control using aUSB-C cable so it can be used on a PC, but with the inconvenience of having that cable in between.

Wireless functionality in computer gamepads is something that all users want. Gone are the days of wired controls that were used in Xbox or PS2 consoles, because since the advent of PS3 and Xbox 360 wireless controls, it has become virtually the standard for gaming (of course, it’s also transferred to the computer because no one wants to have a motion-limiting cable or distance to the monitor).

How to wirelessly connect google Stadia Controller

To connect the Stadium driver to your computer or laptop, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click the controller icon in the upper right corner.
  • Hold down the Stage logo button on the remote control for a few seconds or until it vibrates and vibrates.
  • You will see a “code” link on the screen, which consists of a combination of buttons on the remote control itself.
  • Press the sequence of buttons listed on the remote control.

That’s it, your Stadium remote control is already wirelessly connected to your browser and you can play games with it on the platform without the slightest problem, which we must say practically without delay.

What if you want to use the controller off the platform?

As you may have noticed, these instructions are for connecting the google Stadia remote control to a PC browser, and you will notice that it does not work outside of this remote control.

Unfortunately, Google has limited this feature very precisely, so people don’t use their controller for other games that aren’t from the platform, but with everything and the fact that if you connect it over a cable, you’ll have partial compatibility (in some cases complete) with most computer games. including Big Picture mode on Steam.

Although Google has not said anything yet, there is a good chance that at some point they will launch a wireless receiver that will allow full wireless compatibility of their remote control with PCs, as well as Microsoft and SONY with remote controls.Xbox One and PS4.

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