Valorant: Learn How Escalation Mode Completely Changes the Video Game Experience

Valorant is the renowned first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Riot Games that manages to differentiate itself from other FPS videogames of its kind thanks to its tactical aspects and the Agents, which are the characters that players control and are characterized by unique abilities that completely change the gameplay.

Learn How Escalation Mode Completely Changes the Video Game
Learn How Escalation Mode Completely Changes the Video Game

Valorant: Learn How Escalation Mode Completely Changes the Video Game Experience

The main mode of Valorant is based on the traditional battle between teams (in this case it is 5 vs 5) where one team will be attacking and the other will be defending.

The team that manages to accumulate the most victories during the 24 Rounds will be the winner of the game. However, Valorant recently implemented a new mode that really changes the whole videogame experience.

A few weeks ago Valorant patch 2.03 was released, a major update that applied several changes to different Agents and rebalanced some weapons such as the Stinger, the Frenzy and the Marshal. But, the biggest novelty brought by patch 2.03 was undoubtedly the Escalation mode, which will be detailed below.

Escalation mode (which may be recognized by veteran FPS players as arms race) is a frenetic way to play Valorant, which seeks for players to demonstrate their knowledge of all the weapons in the game and their ability to adapt to any situation, regardless of the weaponry or Abilities possessed.

This mode maintains the 5 vs 5 team format, but this time it will be a duel to the death with respawn, where all players will go through several weapons depending on their performance during the game.

At the start of a game of Escalation, a set of 12 different weapons and abilities will be randomly generated and shared between the two teams. These weapons and abilities will appear in order from most lethal to least lethal, so games will generally start with the easiest weaponry to use.

The games in this mode are divided into 12 phases, where the main objective of the teams will be to achieve a certain score or number of kills in order to pass to the next phase.

After having achieved this, the last player to pass to the next phase will automatically receive the weapon that continues in the chain, while the rest of his team will be able to choose it five seconds later, through the buy phase.

The winning team will be the one that accumulates the most points during all 12 phases. Since this mode is not linked to any videogame event, it will not have specific rewards, so it will only provide experience.

What really stands out in Escalation mode is that some team players can get stuck in a phase if they fail to get the required amount of kills to pass, so it will be necessary to be fast and efficient during the games. All players will have to adjust to the distribution of weapons and will not be able to skip stages.

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The Escalation mode is available in Valorant without any deadline, as Riot Games has mentioned that it will keep this mode depending on the popularity it achieves among players.

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