How to View a Blocked Profile on WhatsApp

Seeing a blocked profile on WhatsAppis one of the questions for which many users seek an answer. When someone blocks us, the profile photo and status disappear, and it is not possible to call or send messages to that person.

How to View a Blocked Profile on WhatsApp
How to View a Blocked Profile on WhatsApp

How to View a Blocked Profile on WhatsApp

However, if we need to communicate with this person, it is possible to do so, either from another phone or WhatsApp account.

A contact has blocked me, can I access their information?

Currently accessing this information is not possible. In the early days of WhatsApp, accessing this type of data when a user had blocked us was simple since many third-party applications managed to access the information and also provided it for free. Tools like Checkwhatsapp, WhatsappVoyeu r or Wassame, became very popular.

However, the security improvements that have been gradually implemented on the web, have rendered these tools useless, so that access to the profile is no longer so easy.

However, there are two methods that can be helpful to view the profile, in addition to being simpler and safer, although remember that you must first know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Add the phone number from another WhatsApp account

One of the ways to re-access the information of the contact that has blocked us, is to add your phone number from another WhatsApp account.

As long as your profile is enabled to be displayed publicly, it will be possible to see your profile photo as well as its status.

Keep in mind that if your profile is configured to be shown only to your contacts, you will find yourself in the same situation as when the user blocked you since no information will be displayed.

Change phone number

This option is more annoying since it forces you to change your phone number. In addition, as with the previous method, you will only be able to access their profile information if the person has configured their information to be public. Otherwise you will not be able to see any data unless this user adds you to their contact list.

Currently there is no service that guarantees this data, so it is not reliable to provide data to third-party websites and applications. If any of the above methods have not had the expected effect, there is no possibility of accessing the profile of the other person.

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