How to Watch Movistar Plus Online and For Free

The distribution of television and channels in Spain changed a lot when Movistar began to offer its satellite television service and launch its own channels.

How to Watch Movistar Plus Online and For Free

The first thing they did was buy already consolidated channels and rename them, as was the case with Canal +, which is now called Movistar +.

That is why many seek to see it without paying Movistar anything. Here are some recommended pages to see Movistar Plus online and for free.

Recommended pages to see Movistar Plus online for free

One of the easiest ways to watch Movistar Plus online for free is to directly access a web page, without having to install anything on your devices.


Have fun with Pirlo.TV, a website where you can access for free, without registration and without paying any subscription to see all the sports programming you want, your friendly football matches, the most important leagues and much more …

beIN Connect

On this beIN Connect website you can watch your Movistar Plus channels online for free. Additionally, you can also download the application on your mobile to enjoy all the programming anywhere and for free.


Elitegol is another free alternative to watch Movistar Plus online and enjoy all the sports programming without paying any monthly subscription and without prior registration.

Red card

This is another of the most popular web pages to see Movistar Plus programming for free and live. Red Card also has an application to download for free on your Android

Sport TV

Don’t miss out on your favorite Movistar Plus sports if you can’t afford a monthly subscription. AccessSpor TV where you have all your games, commentator programs, sports analysis and 60 more international channels available, live and completely free. Like other pages on this list, this one also has an app to download to your mobile.

Best applications to watch Movistar Plus online for free

Here we present 3 of the best applications to see Movistar Plus (Canal +) live and completely free. Many of these applications are very powerful and you can even sync them with devices like Chromecast or your SmartTV.

  1. Web Video Cast is an application that offers you great digital entertainment. In addition to sports channels, it also offers you a wide range of movies, documentaries, news and more… It is a very easy-to-use app thanks to its extreme intuition. It is available for Android 4.4 or higher and iOS, as well as for Chromecast and other TV Box devices.
  2. Wiseplay: this app has many features that make it one of the most powerful applications on this list to watch Movistar Plus. To begin with, it is one of the chains with the most channels, both in Spain and in Latin America. , in addition to being able to link it to your SmartTV to see all the content on a larger and more comfortable screen.
  3. MegaTV: we cannot talk about the best applications to watch Movistar Plus online and for free without mentioningMegaTV, a platform that gives you access to a large number of totally free live TV channels with excellent definition.

Here you will find not only Canal + de Movistar but also others such as HBO, TNT, BeinSport and basically the most popular among Spanish and Latin American society in general.

You have just seen the safest alternatives to watch Movistar Plus Online and for free, either by accessing a Web page or downloading the application for free on your Android or iOS device.

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