How to Watch Netflix for Free Without Paying

Watching Netflix for free is one of the questions that many users ask themselves. The truth is that this audiovisual content platform, which has an extensive catalog of television series and movies, does not allow free use of its content.

How to Watch Netflix for Free Without Paying
How to Watch Netflix for Free Without Paying

How to Watch Netflix for Free Without Paying

However, if you have never accessed the platform, it does allow you to have a free trial period for 30 days. How can you enjoy it? Do not miss all the information below.

Pricing plans on Netflix

If after the trial period you are interested in hiring a pricing plan, the options are as follows:

Basic plan

The Netflix Basic Plan has a cost of 7.99 euros per month and allows you to view the contents on a single screen (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

Standard Plan

The Netflix Standard Plan costs 11.99 euros and allows you to view many of the content in HD on a maximum of two screens (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

Premium plan

The Netflix Premium Plan costs 15.99 euros and allows you to view many of the contents in Ultra HD on a maximum of four screens (laptop, TV, phone and tablet).

All plans include the first month of free Netflix trial, so you no longer have an excuse to enter the most successful platform for audiovisual content.

How to watch Netflix for free?

If you want an alternative to these expensive plans for some pockets, there are several tips to get a free membership or some ideas to lower the monthly cost of this Netflix subscription. Here are several of them, don’t miss it:

Access the 30-day trial period

There is no reliable option with which you can enjoy Netflix content for free and indefinitely. But there is the possibility to test this platform for a free period of 30 days.

First of all, you must have a Gmail or Hotmail email account, which has not previously been registered with Netflix. Then you only have to enter the Netflix website and register as a new user.

You have to provide a payment method so that, in the event that after the free trial period you are interested, you can contract a price plan that allows you to enjoy all the content. If you are not interested, you can unsubscribe when the 30 days have passed.

In this simple way you can enjoy the Netflix catalog for free for a whole month.

Disable Netflix after free trial period

When the free trial period on Netflix has ended, it will be necessary to subscribe to a price plan that allows you to continue enjoying all the content. If you do not want to subscribe to any of these plans, you must follow the next step by step to disable Netflix.

  1. Go to your user area and click on your name to access the options menu
  2. Select Cancel subscription> Complete cancellation

How to share your Netflix subscription through Together Price

There is a way to make a Netflix subscription cheaper. It consists of sharing the subscription with other users so that the cost is shared between several people.

Together Price is a platform that allows you to share the subscription price of numerous services, including Netflix. You just have to sign up for free and search among the free groups that you can access to get a lower fee. You can also create your own group and add users.

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