WeTransfer Guide | Sign up, Download, Upload and Send Files

WeTransfer is an application with a design inspired by the cloud, whose main function is to send or share files, mainly large, in a practical and effective way. In this sense, e s a much more comfortable option than conventional email, which often limits such functions.

WeTransfer Guide | Sign up, Download, Upload and Send Files
WeTransfer Guide | Sign up, Download, Upload and Send Files

WeTransfer Guide | Sign up, Download, Upload and Send Files

Now, unlike other platforms such as Dropbox, in this one it is not necessary to create an account, not even if you are the one who receives the information.

However, if the user wishes, they can register to access the Premium version and thus obtain greater benefits.

Among which are the creation of a personal cloud in which as much information as possible can be stored, as it has 100GB available.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent tool, so in the next post you will learn how to use it and also how to download it to your Smartphone.

How to register

Although it is not strictly necessary to register with WeTransfer to send or receive files, if you wish, you can do so from the official website.

For this, the platform has different plans or memberships, including a free version, which is the one that will be explained in the example described below:

  1. Enter WeTransfer.
  2. Click on ” Sign up “.
  3. Select the plan you want and press the corresponding button. For this particular case, the free version was chosen.
  4. Complete the form with the corresponding data.
  5. Press ” Create WeTransfer account “.

Lastly, check your email to verify your identity. It should be noted that you can also register using your Google or Slack account. Which will allow you to save time since you can enter with the credentials of any of these platforms.

How to download it

In addition to having a web version, WeTransfer is also available for other platforms, such as Android and iOS. Therefore, below, you will find the download links corresponding to each of these Operating Systems:

Android: in the case of Android, you can go to Google Play or follow this link and download the WeTransfer app quickly and easily.

iOS: if you have a Smartphone with an iOS Operating System, you can download WeTransfer from the App Store for free by following this link.

How to send or download files

Sending or downloading files from WeTransfer is a very simple and fast process, which only requires a few simple steps, especially if you are the recipient. Learn what is the process to follow in each case, below.


If you are the one who sends, you must enter the WeTransfer website and click on the “Add your files” button, then you will have to select the document to send from the device’s library.

Then fill in the fields with the recipient’s email, your email and, if you want, a message. Finally, press “Send”, this way you can share videos, images or any other type of file you want.


In case you are the recipient on WeTransfer, the process will be much easier. Well, you will receive an alert in your email, with a link that you must follow or click on “Download” to obtain the file in question.

It is important to note that you have a maximum of 15 days to complete the download of the content, after this time, it will disappear.

As you can see, both registering, downloading the app and sending or receiving files in WeTransfer is an extremely fast and simple process.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the first alternative for many users to send files up to 2GB or more in weight, even going so far as to replace platforms such as Drive or Dropbox in many situations.

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