WeTransfer: How To Send A Large File?

You want to transfer a document, photos, archive, or any type of file to one or more people, but you can not, because the size of the emails is limited. There is a very simple and free way to overcome this obstacle: WeTransfer. Today, We explain how to send a large file with this online service.

WeTransfer: How to Send a Large File?
WeTransfer: How to Send a Large File?

With Internet connections having an increasing flow , it has become easy to download a music album or a movie very quickly, watch HD series on Netflix and do a thousand things formerly long or difficult.

WeTransfer: How to Send a Large File?

For a long time, it was also complicated to send a large file for most users. The reason was that the size of e-mails that could be sent was often very limited. There were other alternatives ( FTP server , for example), but they were not necessarily accessible to the general public.

At present, the size of e-mails that can be sent still does not exceed a few tens of megabytes, the limit not to be exceeded depending on the provider of the courier service .

On the other hand, simple and practical solutions for transferring large files have emerged, first and foremost the clouds that make it possible to store documents online and share them with other users.

These services are interesting, but there is a way also faster, simpler and more suitable for those who very rarely need to transfer large files to other people: WeTransfer. This free online service offers the ability to send files up to 2 GB in size to recipients of your choice.

If you opt for the Premium formula, the limit then increases to 20 GB per shipment. Important detail: it does not require any registration. Futura explains how it works.

> To access WeTransfer, click on the link below, then on the “Download” button in the page that will be displayed: you will be directly redirected to the service’s homepage:

> Once on the homepage, the first thing to do is click on “I agree” to approve the terms and conditions of use.

Adding files

Then, select what you want to send. It is possible to add one or more files by choosing one by one by clicking on “Add your files” or to directly import a folder with all its contents by clicking on “Or select a folder”. The total size of the elements to be transferred can reach 2 GB (or 20 GB for Premium members).

In both cases, the file explorer appears on the screen. Depending on what you chose earlier, click on the file (s) or folder to send, then click on “Send” to validate the operation.

You can add as many files and folders as you want, always within the limit of 2 GB. To do this, simply click on the blue cross and choose “Files” or “Folders”. The list of items, their name, number, and size are displayed on the interface.

Identify as sender

> Then fill in your e-mail address in the field provided for this purpose so that recipients know where the content sent.

> It is possible to write a message to the attention of your interlocutors, note that it is not an obligation.

Choose the method of sending

There are two ways to send files: by email or by link.

By email

In the “Send to” field, enter up to three e-mail addresses . Each time you add one, press the “Enter” key to enter a new one.

All that remains is to click on “Transfer” to start the sending process.

Your files are then uploaded to the WeTransfer platform. At the end of the operation, you are notified that an e-mail has been sent to the chosen addresses and that the file transfer will be available for 7 days.

By link

In case the selected items should be sent to more than three people, there is the possibility to create a share link. To do this, click on the icon representing three points in a circle (to the left of “Transfer”). The field “Send as” appears, then choose “link”.

Finally, click on “Transfer” to start uploading your files to the platform.

When the download is complete, the share link is shown on the screen. Click on “Copy link” to save it to the clipboard. You can now communicate it to the people of your choice in the way that suits you best (e-mail, instant messaging , social networks , etc.), simply by right-clicking and clicking on “Paste”.

Download by the recipient

If you have sent an e-mail to the recipients, they must click on the link it contains. If you have communicated a direct link, it is sufficient that the people who have it open it.

In both cases, your contacts are redirected to the WeTransfer platform. All they have to do is click on “Download” to transfer your files to their device.

Note: After 7 days, files stored on WeTransfer are deleted and, therefore, can not be downloaded.

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