What are Minutes of Meeting? Functions and How to create MoM

Who often meets? In a meeting, there are definitely lots of meeting points that we have to note down. Well, usually we often take notes individually. But it would be good if at every meeting you get into the habit of making MoM orMinutes of Meetingat every meeting session.What are Minutes of Meeting? Functions and How to create MoM

What are Minutes of Meeting? Functions and How to create MoM

Apart from ensuring that we don’t forget the results of the meeting, all parties will also not lose information or forget the point of the meeting that was held.

Because MoM is important, we will discuss further about whatminutes of meeting are,how to make them and also the benefits of this MoM.

Understanding MoM

Minutes of meeting is a note that records all points during the meeting. I quoted this from CFI. So you could say that MoM is a detailed record of matters discussed at a meeting.

Creating a MoM may seem easy because it just takes notes. But if I’m not used to it, of course I often make mistakes, such as not having recorded all the points or missing things.

So what should be noted? These notes usually consist of what topics were discussed, ideas proposed, and conclusions drawn during the meeting.

After the meeting is over, these notes will be distributed to all members who have attended the meeting so that they remember what points have been discussed.

So it can be concluded thatthe minutes of the meetingare very useful for members to remember what the conclusions of the meeting were.

Minutes Of Meeting function

Minutes of meetings are needed by almost all companies. Minutes of meetings can be used as documents for company reports. Both program reports that will be carried out by the company and reports for company finances.

Minutes of meeting which contain all meeting results and decisions that have been agreed upon by all meeting participants can be used as a reference if the implementation of the program is not in accordance with the results of the agreement that has been obtained.

1. Evaluation materials

Minutes of meeting helpmeetingparticipants review and re-evaluate important points in discussions that lead to decisions. Without these notes, the risk of forgetting meeting points may occur.

In fact, it is not impossible that you and your team will need to have another discussion. This will certainly take time, right?

2. Avoid misunderstandings

Provide written notes regarding what has been agreed at themeetingand ensure that the results of the discussion are realized well.

Apart from that, of course, by havingminutes of meetings, misunderstandings originating from different people’s memories can be avoided.

3. Source of information for those who are not present

For some participants orstakeholderswho are unable to attend, MoM orminutes of meetingwill be very helpful. Especially, if the results of the meeting have a collaborative impact on other employees or divisions.

4. Conclusion of the meeting results

Throughminutes of meetings, you will inform people about the tasks assigned and create cleardeadlines so that everyone stays on track.

Havingminutes of meetings can create clarity about what next steps need to be taken, who is responsible, and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Types of MoM

There are several types ofMinutes of Meeting (MoM)that are usually created by a company. Among others are:

1. Informal MoM

Informal MoMs are usually created for non-informal meeting needs. Such as inter-team meetings, marketing team meetings, etc.

If the meeting being held is an informal type of meeting, then notes do not need to be taken with complete guidelines. However, these records must still contain accurate information

2. Formal MoM

Formal MoMs are usually created for important meetings such as details such as annual meetings or general shareholder meetings and also management meetings. Therefore, it must be made more carefully and in detail according to the MoM format.

How to CreateMinutes of Meeting

In making a MoM, you can follow the following guide to making a MoM. We can divide it into 3 stages, namely preparation, during the meeting, and when the meeting is over.

1. Preparation before the meeting.

Before the meeting starts, make sure you have prepared the meeting agenda that will be discussed. The goal is to ensure you avoid unproductive meetings and stay focused on these points.

So, you can also prepare the MoM framework first because the meeting points have been prepared beforehand.

2. During the meeting.

Stay focused. During the meeting, try to separate your notes into clear categories. For example, discussion points, decisions taken, tasks, and next steps. To make it easier for future meetings, you can also make this structure as atemplate.

So what you can pay attention to is:

  1. Note the time carefully. Both the start time and end time of the meeting.
  2. Record comments according to the meeting points which are discussed briefly and clearly.
  3. It is also very important to write down every idea or input. Don’t forget to also explain who came up with the idea.

At the end of the meeting, make sure to also make an attendance list of meeting participants complete with their respective signatures.

3. After the meeting

At the end of the meeting, forget to mention the name of the company or organization, the position of the meeting participants, the type of meeting, and the purpose of the meeting.

Also, ensure that each list of participants and who chairs the meeting is signed. Then, reread the notes to find out if there are any spelling errors. You can ask other participants to review your notes to ensure that they are complete and accurate.

So, we have discussed what a MoM is, how to make a MoM and why it is very important to make a MoM in a meeting. Hopefully, this article can help those of you who are still confused about how to make a MoM in a meeting at your office.

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