What Can I Do To Improve My Internet Connection In A Dead Spot?

Today, we are going to try to fix something which causes frustration to many from time to time –WiFi dead spots. While many complain about their video calls being interrupted when they walk away from their router, others report feeling embarrassed upon the squashing of their claim that their WiFi provides coverage for their whole house.

What Can I Do To Improve My Internet Connection In A Dead Spot?
What Can I Do To Improve My Internet Connection In A Dead Spot?

What Can I Do To Improve My Internet Connection In A Dead Spot?

However you suffer from WiFi dead spots and no matter you are availing of Comcast internet plans or those of any other provider, one thing is for sure: you do not deserve the inconvenience or embarrassment. To help with this cause, we have identified the different causes of WiFi dead spots and suggested some possible solutions.

Relocate Your Router

The most commonplace cause for a dead spot is the poor positioning of routers. If your WiFi is placed in a remote corner of the house and there is a dead spot in the other corner, the dead spot has been caused due to the distance from the router.

The situation can easily be improved by picking up your router from the corner and placing it in a more central location, perhaps smack in the middle of the building.

Adjust The Antenna

If your router is already in the center of the house and you are sure its location is not causing the dead spot, the next thing you should check is the angle of the antenna of your router. It needs to be upright so that its signals can easily be transmitted to all directions.

In the case that your antenna is already upright, replacing your old antenna with a more powerful antenna might be the way to go. However, before spending money on another item, try out the coming suggestions first.

Remove Obstructions

Not only do you have to position the antenna in a way that its signals are being transmitted in all directions seamlessly but you also have to position the objects around your router in a way that no signal is blocked. Nothing too thick can come close to your router. Common obstructions to routers include:

  • Metals
  • Mirrors
  • Thick Walls
  • Glasses
  • Ceilings
  • Cabinets

Take Out Interferences

Alongside, the obstructions mentioned above, any devices that operate on the same frequency as your WiFican also damage the quality of your coverage. The devices that cause interference include:

  • Microwave Ovens
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Wireless Baby Monitors
  • Cordless Telephones

If you do notice that a device is interfering with your WiFi, you could try moving the device in question away from your router. If that does not work, it may be worth it to get that device replaced with another of a different frequency.

However, as with replacing antennas to improve signal quality, you should only spend money on replacing the potential interference once you have tried out everything suggested in this blog.

Choose TheWiFi Channel Wisely

Internet service providers (ISPs) give you the option to choose between multiple wireless channels. If you feel like your signal connection is not strong in all parts of your house, it may be because you are connected to an overly congested channel. The obvious solution to the problem would be to switch to a less congested channel.

Invest In A Wireless Repeater

A wireless repeater, as the name suggests, rebroadcasts the existing signal from a wireless router and creates a second network.

Thus, if you do have a dead spot at your place, setting up a wireless repeater close to it is a viable solution. Wireless repeaters are often used in large spaces such as office buildings.

Connect Using Ethernet Cables

Truth be told, not everyone has money to buy a wireless repeater. However, a much cheaper option could be to invest in Ethernet cables. These cables come in lengths as long as a hundred meters so you would not need to worry about being too far away from your routers.

As not all cables support high-speed internet, make sure the one you end up buying is not only long enough but also fast enough for your needs. You can easily order it on Amazon and get it delivered within a short while.

Use Powerline Adapters

Let’s be honest; having Ethernet cables lying around your rooms inhibiting you from closing doors is not ideal. If you can afford them, power line adapters may prove to be a much better option.

Powerline adapters connect your personal computer to the internet using the electrical wiring of your home. You can simply place one adapter in the room of your router and the other near the dead spot.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned pointers can help you identify the possible causes behind the dead spots at your place. Alongside, we hope that at least one of the solutions we provided works for you. Best of luck for 2022!

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