What Is A Live Cover In VKontakte | How To Add It

Live Cover in VKontakte: The social network “VKontakte” surprises its users every month with innovations and features that competitors do not have. This December is no exception. Probably the most interesting thing that one of the main resources of Runet got under the curtain of the year is live covers for VKontakte groups.

What is a Live Cover in VKontakte | How to Add it
What is a Live Cover in VKontakte | How to Add it

What is a Live Cover in VKontakte | How to Add it

What is a live cover

A live cover is much more than just wallpaper for a popular community. It really comes to life thanks to the videos inserted in it and sounds due to the music superimposed on the video. And these are not the only advantages that now appear for group owners and SMM professionals. In addition, they can:

  • to tell about your company in just a few seconds – about its history and present;
  • advertise many goods and services;
  • show your product face (at least because the video gives the opportunity to present the advertised product from all sides);
  • more effectively convey critical information to community visitors.

Using live covers, you can effectively promote products or convey interesting and important information

When creating covers of a new type use up to five photos and several videos, effectively change each other.Properly chosen series allows you to replace too long and often heavy text descriptions for groups, because users can understand a lot without words.

The live cover is currently only available to administrators of verified communities. However, in early 2019, according to the press service of the social network, the owners of all other groups will be able to test the functionality.

In addition, now the new technology of creating covers is designed only for smartphones and tablets. It is not yet possible to see a new type of cover on desktop computers and laptops. The company does not say whether the successful experience will be extended to them.

By the way, on the screen of the gadget, the live cover stands out not only due to the inclusion of video but also due to its size. It is four times more than “regular” wallpaper for communities.

In addition, the user can manually enlarge the cover by stretching it to the size of the entire screen and specifically turn on the sound to hear what is being said or sung in the screen saver.

In this case, the large size of the cover does not conflict with the usual design (and does not replace it): avatars, group names; community statuses, and action buttons, which are organically inscribed in the new version of the cover.

Options for using a live cover

Today, a live cover is an exclusive that can be appreciated on a small number of social media community pages.

Apparently, the choice of those who tried the new feed option is indicative. The pioneers included representatives of world brands:

  • Nike Football Russia stores (they successfully included in the video an advertisement for sports shoes sold in their outlets);
  • PlayStation Russia team (to intrigue users with a small but impressive video – an episode of an exciting game);
  • Airline S7 Airlines (used in the screensaver image video with the plane taking off);
  • Rock band Twenty One Pilots (which made a live cover moment of their concert performance).

However, while it is rather a test of what can be done with the cover to increase visibility and efficiency placed here advertising. For example, music groups, in addition to showing videos of performances that have already taken place, have the opportunity to promote upcoming concerts.

And clothing stores get a tool to present new collections to inform customers about current discounts. The technology is especially interesting for those who lead the community of cafes and restaurants: now in their covers they can showcase unique dishes and boast a cozy interior.

How to make a live cover in VKontakte: step-by-step instructions

As for the requirements for materials, the images must be vertical. Their width will be 1080, and height – 1920 pixels. However, design developers can use other size options, but so that they are in the ratio of 9 to 16.

To get a quality result, you need to follow the format when designing the cover.

Live cover video required:

  • in MP4 format;
  • with compression standard H264;
  • with a frame rate of 15-60 frames per second;
  • duration – no more than half a minute;
  • size – up to 30 MB.

Cover images are loaded in 9 to 16 aspect ratio

The live cover download takes place in community settings.

You can download the cover through the group settings

At the same time, installing a new design (for iOS and Android), do not part with the old static cover (it will remain for the web- and mobile versions).

The live cover corresponds to the trends of today when all the information is visualized as much as possible. Most likely, at the beginning of next year will begin a mass installation of such covers, which will replace the now common dynamic covers. The popularity of the latter will gradually begin to wane.

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