What Is Dead Pixel, How To Solve It?

What is the annoying situation that many people face and what is the Dead pixel, how is the dead pixel tested and is the dead pixel covered? we will answer your questions.

What Is Dead Pixel, How To Solve It?

What is Dead Pixel?

Basically, pixel is one of the technical definitions that we started to learn with televisions and monitors, and that later formed an important detail on smartphones. However , a definition such as adead pixelis frequently seen on the display technologies, apart from the number of pixels and features . This problem, which is frequently encountered, is seen as an image problem even in high-end smart phones.

For a clear understanding of the problem, the question ofwhatis adead pixelmust be answered. pixel; It is expressed in colors for the image on devices with screens such as telephones, televisions, tablets and computers.

Depending on the quality of the screen, very high pixel features can be seen and sometimes a problem such as not getting color can be encountered. In this context, black spots such as punctuation on any part of the screen and the problem of not giving pixel color can be seen.

At these points, when the pixel does not color, it is called dead. In fact, these points are stated dead because they do not work.

How to Understand Dead Pixels

It is a visible problem that certain points on the screens become pixel dead. This problem is often seen as square spots. Sometimes it can be spotted in certain places, sometimes it can even cover a large part of the screen.

There are many sites where you cantest dead pixelson the internet to understand this . The site will give you two site links, both of them are doing the same, whichever you want to use. Youcanaccess the first sitefrom here, and the second site fromhere.

How to Solve a Dead Pixel

Generally, it is preferred to change the display panel in order to solve this problem in monitors, LCD televisions or smart devices. Since this problem, which is very common, is seen as a physical problem, part replacement will be a basic and real solution.

As a different case, if you want to get adead pixel solutionon the screen of the devices you use , you may sometimes need to perform a software check. Because some software creates problems during use, it may cause a problem such that the pixels do not color in a similar way to physical problems.

In terms of cost and current solution, it may be necessary to first examine the software, uninstall or renew the distressed software. If the desired solution is not obtained after these trials, technical service support will be required. A physical solution can be provided with a zero or second hand screen replacement. Depending on the quality of the selected material and how professional the service is, a much longer term solution can be obtained.

Is Dead Pixel Under Warranty?

This problem is becoming annoying when we live on our phones, computers and televisions. Are the screen replacement fees of these devices pretty much covered by thedead pixels warranty?

Even if there is one dead pixel in the devices you use, this manufacturer’s error is accepted and it needs to be replaced under warranty. If you encounter a different behavior, you can make a complaint either throughe-governmentor through the Consumer Arbitration Committees in the district governorships.

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