What Is FYP In TikTok Services?

FYP in TikTok: TikTok’s short video service has several unique terms in the language dictionary of its users. One of them is FYP as a term that is often used.

What Is FYP in TikTok Services?
What Is FYP in TikTok Services?

What Is FYP in TikTok Services?

Although it was once exiled because of slanted news that was blown across the virtual universe, TikTok is now back into a short video-based social media service that is widely used by people including the Indonesian people.

This social media service in 2019 yesterday even managed to collect at least more than 738 million new downloads so that the service as a whole has now been downloaded more than 1.65 billion times.

As a new user who might be included in the number 738 million, I myself still have many questions about some of the things offered by TikTok such as the term FYP which is often brought up in its services.

What is the FYP term used by TikTok? Let us discuss one by one starting from the length of words from the term. Based on my searches in various sources, FYP seems to refer to the phrase For You Page.

For You Page itself is the main TikTok page that will be displayed first when opening the application. This page contains a variety of recommendation videos that have been adjusted to the user’s interest.

The collection of videos that are displayed on this page also does not seem to be a haphazard video. The Verge revealed that the videos were the result of curation conducted by TikTok.

In the exploration process regarding For Your Page, I unfortunately haven’t gotten the right answer about how to get our videos to enter the page.

Based on my conclusion from the Vice page, TikTok uses a mysterious algorithm that curates the videos. Using fyp hashtag, both #foryou and #foryoupage don’t even seem to guarantee that our videos will be loaded on that page.

But I believe that the curation conducted by TikTok is similar to the Explore page on Instagram. As long as our videos are good, interesting, and in accordance with the interests of other users, the videos will be displayed on the user’s For You page.

As additional information, FYP by some people is also associated with Fixed Your Post as used on Twitter. However, because it is fundamentally rather difficult to correct uploads on TikTok, I believe the term FYP is not referring to Fixed Your Post.

Now while this is just some of the information that I can share related to the term FYP in the TikTok service. If you have additional information or even a way to make our video appear on FYP, let’s share it in the comments column!

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