What Is Google Duo And How To Make Call On It?

Voice calls via the Internet are now widely used, thanks also to the birth of a solid app like Google Duo , which sanctioned its maturity. Today we discover it together, given its great utility.

What is Google Duo And How to Make Call on it?

What is Google Duo

Google Duo is the Google application for iOS and Android through whichyou can call or video-call other users for free, as long as there isan active data connection. Being optimized for low bandwidth networks, the app in question can adapt to even the most difficult conditions and will not grind many MB during the call.

Of course, it doesn’t work miracles, but it does very well compared to other competitors and it is the first choice that comes to mind every time we think of a voice call via the Internet.

How to install Google Duo

If you don’t find it pre-installed on your Android device, just go to the Play Store to download Google Duo. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to thePlay Store
  • Type“Google Duo”into the search bar
  • DownloadGoogle Duo: high quality video calls

Otherwise, tap the button below: it’s a shortcut that will immediately take you to the Google Duo tab of the Play Store.

Download Google Due

What is needed for Google Duo

To use Google Duo you needa valid phone numberand, of course,the installed app. The recipient must also have the app on the device, otherwise he will not be able to receive the call. After installing the application, you will have to grant access to the microphone, camera and contacts to synchronize them on different devices.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple: as soon as you are automatically asked, tap onAllow. Let’s make one thing clear: itdoesn’t matter which device you have and which operating system you mount, because a Samsung can call a Xiaomi, and an Android phone can call an iPhone without any problem!

Make and receive a call on Google Duo

Google Duo boasts a scary essential interface. In fact, to make a call, just select the contact by scrolling down among those in the address book and you’re done. Once chosen, three buttons will appear:

  • The receiver on the left, for thevoice call
  • The video camera in the middle, for thevideo call
  • The red dot on the right, for amessage

During thevoice call, three buttons will appear: the first, the one with the microphone, locks or unlocks the microphone; the second, the one with the loudspeaker, activates or deactivates the speakerphone; the last one, the red one, ends the call.

During thevideo call, however, four keys will appear: the first activates or deactivates theLow lightmode , useful in low light environments; the second, the one with the two rotary arrows, changes rooms from the front to the rear, or vice versa; the third, the one with the microphone, locks or unlocks the microphone; the last one, the red one, ends the call. At the bottom left, however, there is the video of your contact: by touching the box, you can enlarge it.

To answer a call, simply swipe up the corresponding icon. Scrolling down, however, will reject it. On the other hand, the message allows you to leave a message in the recipient’s Google Duo “voicemail”. We talk about it better in the next paragraph.

Can I start a group conversation on Google Duo?Absolutely yes! At the top of the contact list, just select “Create Group” to create a group video call. You can select up to seven contacts in addition to yourself.

What is the Toc Toc feature?If enabled, this option allows you to view the caller’s video before answering. The same thing is true when you make the call: in doing so, you will let the people you call see you before accepting the call (consequently, don’t yawn! And don’t put your fingers in your nose!).

To activate or deactivate the Toc Toc mode, simply go to the settings by touching the three dots at the top right of the main Google Duo screen.

Send messages with Google Duo

As anticipated, you can also send messages with Google Duo. These are specificallyaudio-messagesorvideo-messages, of your choice. The former are self-explanatory, while with the latter you can have fun applying filters and effects by simply touching the respective icons on the left.

After registering, you can further edit your content with hand drawings and texts. You can also send an image from the gallery by selecting the button next to the registration button. Attention, however:Google Duo messages expire twenty-four hours after sending.

Block a Google Duo contact and other settings

To block a Google Duo contact, you must first select the one you want, and then touchthe three dots at the top right: a menu will appear from which you can block the user and also delete the history of the interactions you have had, including messages.

To access the settings, you have to go to the main Google Duo screen, press the three dots at the top right and tapSettings: here you can activate the data saving mode, change the notifications, choose the theme and more. Feel free to take a look!

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