What Makes a Good Bingo Hall?

The latest online bingo converts may find it hard to believe – but bingo began around 500 years ago in Italy. So whether you are playing it at a top online site like Rainbow Riches Casino or in a classic old-school bricks-and-mortar venue, bingo is one of the world’s classic games of chance.

What Makes a Good Bingo Hall?

What Makes a Good Bingo Hall?

It’s enjoyed by people of all ages and in a huge variety of venues. Bingo became an unlikely internet success story and this led to many playing it exclusively online.

But there are many more who have discovered it online and tried it a physical venues too. Many of these have been operating for decades and offering traditional fun, social bingo sessions.

A bingo hall has a very different atmosphere to a casino. And the things that make a great place to play bingo are rather unique.

Let’s look at the factors that create the most popular places to play bingo:

1 The space

A great bingo hall has lots of air and room. There will be plenty of seats and they won’t be squashed too close together.

It’s important that those seats are comfortable. Players may sign up for several hours of playing – the last thing they want is an uncomfortable seat. No-one wants a back ache or numb legs.

It’s all about creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for players to enjoy the bingo.

The standard is set by venues like Gran Via Bingo in Madrid, Spain, a luxurious, elegantly decorated bingo hall that offers a high-end gaming experience.

2 The screens

A great bingo venue prioritises providing clear and well-lit display screens for all its players.

Everyone needs to follow what is going-on in a game. You need to be able to react quickly to numbers being called.

The screens should be large, clear and visible from every seat in the hall. The font, or type style, should be large and clear so digits are easily seen even from the back.

One of the world’s best is Palace Bingo in Mexico City, with excellent seating for more than 1,500 players and large screen displays dominating the venue.

3 The sound

When a number is called, not only should it be clear to see – everyone in the room should be able to hear it clearly too.

The sound system needs to be powerful enough to broadcast across the whole hall – and yet it should never be too loud either. Clarity of the numbers and announcements are vital to the smooth progress of the game.

4 Food and drink

It’s a fun social occasion – so having the option of good quality food and drink really helps.

Some may want alcohol, others a cup of tea. Some want to take a break and have a full meal, others may want quick snacks while they play.

Obviously quality, price, healthiness and speed of service are important too. No player wants to spend their breaks queuing to get served.

5 The atmosphere

Maybe this is the most important factor. This is why physical bingo halls survive in the age of online bingo.

There’s a great feeling in the best bingo halls. They are friendly, warm and welcoming places.

Staff should be friendly and approachable with any questions.

Newcomers should be able to find help easily. Everyone should be able to mingle and chat easily.

6 Variety

It helps spread the appeal of a bingo hall if there are various things to do. Yes, bingo is the number one attraction – but a few options can help.

That means perhaps having some slot machines, video poker and even pool. Some players may want a break to play something else and there’s no harm in catering to customers who don’t fancy playing bingo at all.

It’s a great way of attracting new customers to the venue.

7 Keep it clean

A popular bingo hall can be a busy place with hundreds of feet marching in and out every day, and with food, drink and bits of paper flying around too.

So keeping it spotlessly clean is a serious task. It really does help the experience to have a well maintained and cared-for environment.

Floors should be swept and mopped, chairs wiped down and all the facilities should be kept clean.

The secrets of the best

The overall factors that make a bingo hall great can be intangible: friendliness and atmosphere are so important.

But there are some practical things that help: clean spaces, decent food, comfortable chairs and the best equipment are all vital components.

They can’t all be like the Foxwoods Resort bingo hall in Connecticut – one of the world’s biggest with seats for 3,600 players!

But whether it’s small or large, a hallshould be friendly and welcoming – and those are probably the two features most bingo players would put top of their list.

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