What Makes a Good Slot Game?

Vibrant interfaces, catchy soundtracks and innovative features, there are many reasons slots are such an attractive game to casino gamers. Online slots are easy to understand, widely available and there is a great variety of options to choose from.

What Makes a Good Slot Game?

Slots are some of the most popular games on casino sites, you can play slot games at sites such as Bally’s Casino UK. For those looking to experience slots, there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best games for you.

Here is what makes a good slot game:


Slots are well known to be games with creative, fun themes and there are themes to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you enjoy the traditional fruit machine style and lucky Irish slots or horror or historical themed games, there is a selection of games for you.

There are even a great number of games themed around movies, popular television series, music bands and musical genres.

One sign that a casino game being a good one is application of the theme and what methods the slot developer and designer has used to create a themed immersive experience.

For example, a movie themed slot may include characters, places, significant objects or logos as symbols on the reels. The general colours of the game may match the movie’s branding and the audio could include soundtracks from the film or memorable quotes from the main characters.

If a theme has been well used in a slot game it can be really enjoyable for the player. Themes help to differentiate games and many regular players will choose to play a variety to keep things interesting.


Another factor to consider when looking for good slots to play is what extra features the game includes. There are many features you might come across, including wild symbols and scatter symbols.

Usually, a wild symbol can act as a substitute for any other symbol on the reel other than the scatter symbol or any bonus symbols to help the player to achieve a winning combination.

For example, if you have four identical symbols in a line and a wild symbol on the final reel, this will complete your line and you will win a prize.

There are many different wilds that you can come across when playing slots, such as stacking wilds, shifting wilds, multiplier wilds, transferring wilds and random wilds to name just a few.

Scatter symbols are another really great feature to look out for and are perhaps even better than wilds in many cases. They are more rare than wilds so you should not expect to see the very often, but they can mean higher payouts.

Scatters can have different purposes, for example in one game they might trigger a specific type of bonus but in another they might act as a multiplier. They could also act as a substitute for helping you find a winning combination; the game’s rules will explain what each symbol means in that specific game.

Return to Player (RTP) percentage

When you select an online slots game you will see a Return to Player percentage listed in the game’s description. This is an important statistic to look at as it tells you what percentage of money is returned to players as winning payouts on average.

For instance if a game has an RTP of 97.5 percent, for every £100 spent by players, £97.50 is returned as winnings. The average RTP you are likely to see across slots websites is 96 percent, if a game has an RTP above 96.5 percent, this is usually considered to be good.

Therefore, the higher the Return to Player percentage the better. You could find games with RTP as high as 98 percent. Other casino games, such as table games like blackjack, might have an even higher percentage but there are still many other benefits to playing slots, particularly if you are new to casinos or enjoy fast paced, easy games.

The slot site

When searching for games you will want to play attention to the slot website hosting the game, as some are better than others. Look to see if the slots site you are on is offering any welcome bonuses for new players, this could come in the form of a deposit bonus or perhaps some free spins to enjoy on certain slot games.

To ensure the site you pick is a good one, you may wish to ask for recommendations or read reviews and ratings on third party comparison sites.

Can you try the game for free?

Lastly, many sites will give you the option to try out a game for free in demo mode before playing with your own cash. This allows you to learn to ropes and see the features of the game without breaking into your bankroll.

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