What Students Prefer: Android Or IPhone?

The battle between Android fans and iPhone lovers is still ongoing. People choose one type of smartphone over another because of multiple reasons, such as price, opportunity to customize their device, the phone’s looks, and more.

What Students Prefer: Android or iPhone?

Yet, when choosing a smartphone, it’s just as important to consider for what you’ll be using it. So, what type of operating system is usually preferred by students?

The research has shown that students of different specialties are inclined to using varying operating systems. In particular, Android users prefer engineering schools such as Georgia Tech and MIT. On the flip side, iPhone owners prefer studying in liberal arts institutions, for example, Boston College and William and Mary.

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Should students choose Android or iPhone?

When considering a new smartphone, students keep multiple considerations in mind. Yet, these are the most important factors that directly impact their choice of smartphone:

  • Speed and reliability of updates. If getting fresh, reliable updates is critical for you, then the iPhone device is your choice. Not all Android gadgets get timely updates that function well, and oftentimes phones are supported for 2-3 years only.
  • Price. You are unlikely to get an iPhone at the price under $500 which isn’t cheap for a student. And it’s quite possible to get a powerful Android phone at $200 and even cheaper!
  • Value for the long term. iPhone apps are typically more expensive. On the flip side, you can sell the used smartphone after a year or two at a relatively high price. Android phones don’t hold the high resell value for a long time, the experts say.
  • The quality of client support. iPhone beats Android when it comes to the quality of service, too. Anyone can get help from their experts through the app or in-person in Apple Store. Various smartphone brands that use Android don’t offer such an opportunity.
  • Options to customize the smartphone. Students often like customizing their devices to express their personality and adapt them for their needs. Android phones allow you to change home screen, default apps, and put many other things in order.
  • The number of apps available. Students who use apps to ease the studying process will like iOS more. New apps are released here first, and the app selection is typically wider than on Android phones.

How to write an essay on iPhone vs Android?

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