What You Need For A Stable Game On PC Or Laptop

Stable gaming: A hackneyed topic, isn’t it? Glitch-free gaming is the Holy Grail for every self-respecting player. Unfortunately, some of us tend to think that most games are buggy and unstable on their own, and there is simply nothing we can do about from our part.

What you need for a stable game on PC or laptop
What you need for a stable game on PC or laptop

What you need for a stable game on PC or laptop

But today you will find out there are some ways to improve your gaming experience on PC. From personal experience, you can easily achieve stability for almost any game if you just take a deeper look at the reasons behind your computer.

Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with the stability of games – do not worry. After a couple of simple tweaks, you will have a stable game for a comfortable entertainment experience.

What do we mean by “stability”?

it comes to gaming, the word “stability” takes on different meanings for various people. As a rule, everyone has their own. Let’s set aside all disagreements and try to formulate a single definition for this concept: stable gaming is when you turn on your computer, launch a game and play it without sudden crashes, freezes, low FPS count, and other phenomena that make normal gameplay impossible. So, let’s start with the main criteria – FPS.

However, this feature is absent if you play in browser or casino games like various slot games and table games at gambling sites.

FPS – the most important measure for the comfortable gaming experience

FPS – the most important measure for the comfortable gaming experience. What does FPS affect? As a rule, the higher the indicator, the better, as the movements of character and in-game objects will be smoother and more realistic. At low values, freezes (playing with a constant frame rate) or frame drops (with a variable frame rate) are observed.

Interestingly, if the value is too high, for example, if you run an old game on a powerful computer, the opposite effect may be observed – flickering due to too fast frame rates.

So, what FPS count you need for a comfortable and stable game? For video games, the minimum comfortable value is 30 FPS.

However, most professional players believe that the value should be at least 60, and especially sensitive and highly responsive players should play at FPS cap more than 144. You also need to know that a high FPS is important only for dynamic games – where there is a lot of shooting and movement involved in gameplay.

To watch the video in standard quality, you need a frequency of 24 frames, video in good quality (Full HD and above) – 30, for 3D – twice as much – 60.

How do I know my FPS? For some games, there is a special console command, for example, in Counter-Strike – cl_showfps 1. You can also download and install the free Fraps program or try to look for an FPS counter in your monitor settings.

What affects the frame rate in a computer game? Typically, the highest impact comes from:

  • Graphics card power.
  • Processor power and the presence of graphics accelerators in it.
  • Network speed.
  • Driver for the video card.
  • Antivirus software.

How to increase FPS? To increase the indicator, you can do the following:

  • Reduce quality in-game settings.
  • antivirus and all programs running in the background.
  • Try to overclock your GPU or CPU (not desirable).

FPS and ping. Together they determine the comfort level of online gaming. FPS should be as high as possible, and ping should be less than 50 for a comfortable game. You can learn more about FPS at Wikipedia.

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