WhatsApp Cache: How To Empty And Free Space Or Fix Errors

WhatsApp Cache: There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the applications we use the most on our mobile phones every day. Through the famous messaging app, we can receive hundreds of text messages and dozens of photos, memes, videos, etc. every day.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors
WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

This can cause us to find the app slower than usual when downloading or receiving photos, or even with problems. or videos. If this happens to you, we’ll show youhow to clear the WhatsApp cacheand why we should do it.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

An application cache is a space in which applications themselves store or store temporary files that they must create or re-access on many occasions. In this way, its creation or access is faster and, as a result, user comfort is much better and not as much system resources are consumed.

Why we should clear the application cache

Although its function and purpose is to store this type of file for best performance, on certain occasions it may happen that a large accumulation of files in this cache can cause some problems in the operation of the application.

When our mobile phone application isblockedat certain times or startsvery slow, the first thing we usually do is check for an update or uninstall and reinstall the application directly. In most cases, however, we were able to resolve these issues by clearing the cache.

In the case of a famous messaging application, the same thing happens,clearing the WhatsApp cachecan solve this type of problem without having to uninstall and reinstall the application, in addition to freeing up the resulting space.

Also in this case, the uninstall and installation process may cause you to lose certain messages that are not part of the daily application backup.

We should not confuse all the files that are stored in our phone’s memory by default, automatically after opening or receiving on WhatsApp with the temporary files of the application itself. The first ones are usually stored in the mobile phone’s own gallery, in certain albums, or on the device’s memory card, if we have one.

We can easily delete these files simply by going to the path where they are stored, selecting them and sending them directly to the Trash.

However, to clear the WhatsApp cache, we need to perform other very different steps, as shown below.

How to clear the WhatsApp cache

Depending on the version of therobotthat we have installed on the mobile or customization layer of the manufacturer, it is possible that the options may vary slightly, but these are the steps to clear the WhatsApp cache:

  • We enter theSettings system.
  • Double-click theApplicationsoption.
  • From the list of applications installed on the device, we search for and markWhatsApp.
  • Next, we touch thestorageoption.
  • And once it stays there, all we have left is to click theEmpty Cache button.

In a few moments, all the space occupied by these temporary files stored in the WhatsApp cache will be emptied and we will be able to check how the application works properly again, without stopping, blocking and full performance.

In theAppleenvironment, things change because in iOS it is not possible to empty the WhatsApp cache, as is the case in Android. If we enter the system configuration and then the data and storage, we find two options, data usage and storage usage.

In the first option, we see the number of messages sent and received, the bytes sent and received in the messages and chat files or statuses, as well as the amount of data consumed during the call. However, you cannot clear the WhatsApp cache.

In the Storage Usage section, we can select the WhatsApp chat and see the messages sent to that person, the amount of space our messages and the files they share with them, and if we click Manage, we can empty the chat from the messaging application. But beware, everything we have chosen will be removed and we will lose it, so we should not remove anything from it.

Therefore, because there is no WhatsApp cache in iOS, if we have problems with the application because it slows down or gets caught, we will have to do so,update itif any version is available, or make a copy of the security and continueuninstalling and installing it.

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