Why Are Online Casinos Now More Popular Than Land-Based Gambling Halls?

The iGaming industry is constantly expanding, and it seems like new markets will continue to open up. Many feel that online casinos aren’t generating enough employment opportunities, but many countries require them to have a physical presence in order to be allowed to operate online.

Why Are Online Casinos Now More Popular Than Land-Based Gambling Halls?
Why Are Online Casinos Now More Popular Than Land-Based Gambling Halls?

Why Are Online Casinos Now More Popular Than Land-Based Gambling Halls?

So, with the right regulations, they can be more impactful on local economies. Online casinos clearly have a lot of fans in the gambling community, and they are actually outperforming land-based establishments. So, let’s see why internet gambling is more popular compared to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

Variety of Online Casino Bonuses

One of the main differences between internet and land-based gambling is of course bonuses. Online casinos love to have a big and elaborate bonus promotion to get players excited and motivate them to make big deposits. You can take a look at Spinland casino and right off the bat you will see that they have an incredible welcome offer for a first deposit.

You get extra cash up to 3000 euros and some free spins to boot. This means you can get significantly more gameplay time for the same amount of money.

You can also argue that bonuses aren’t really freebies and that they come with wagering requirements and you would be right. However, not all of these requirements are heavy on the budget. Also, no one is stopping players from abandoning a casino if they don’t end up winning a substantial amount of money using their bonus.

On-Demand Culture

We live in a world where we don’t have to wait for a whole week to watch a new episode of our favorite show or wait for reruns if we missed an episode or two. We have a streaming service and we get to binge-watch the things we want. We also don’t have to wait for weeks on the stuff we buy online.

This shapes our expectations, and it shapes how businesses develop, and as a result, it’s not something normal casinos can keep up with.

This means that whenever people have an urge to play some casino games, they want to be able to do it immediately. Driving all the way to a gambling joint will take time, and you will have to stand in line to exchange your money for chips.

So, it’s really about the mindset of the user and how certain businesses are able to accommodate on-demand expectations.


Another reason behind the rapid growth of this industry is the accessibility of the content. People can play online casino games on mobile, and they can do that while taking a break at work, waiting for a bus, or if they are at home.

It’s very convenient to access this content, create, and even fund the account. This makes it a lot cheaper as well since you don’t have to spend money on gas, or at the bar if you go and play in a regular casino.

Moreover, online businesses don’t have as high maintenance costs as their land-based counterparts, so they can offer better promotions.

However, many feel that this content is too accessible, and don’t like that there are ads targeting those who are likely to gamble. Luckily, regulations allow for anyone to request exclusion from this content, and as for ads, it’s really a global problem caused by the data brokering business.

In other words, online casinos aren’t the source of that issue, it’s really the lack of regulation on data privacy, and many are advocating for changes in this area. So, if the restrictions increase we will likely see fewer target ads overall, not just for casinos but for any business out there.

More Gaming Options

Reputable online casinos host games from several software developers. This opens up a lot of options for players, and they don’t really have to wait on a machine to become available in order to play the game they want.

So, when a new slot game is launched hundreds of people all over the world can play it at the same time. This also allows for progressive jackpots to grow a lot faster.


These were some of the main online casino features or characteristics that allow them to outperform brick and mortar gambling establishments.

In general, it’s a different type of entertainment, and it’s meant for the masses rather than rich tourists who want to party and enjoy high-end entertainment. Online casinos are cheaper, more accessible, offer better bonuses, and they are what people want nowadays.

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