Why should I get rooting on Android Phone?

Rooting on Android: Have you heard of Android rooting but don’t know what we’re talking about and if it’s really useful on your device? If you don’t know anything about the root on Android and you would like valid reasons before committing yourself to doing it, you’ve come to the right guide: here I’ll show you some valid reasons why to root on Android , in particular if your Android smartphone doesn’t receive updates anymore from the manufacturer or you want to unlock new features.

Why should I get rooting on Android Phone?
Why should I get rooting on Android Phone?

What is root on Android

Before you even understand why rooting on Android, you need to know what the root is on the operating system of the green robot.

The root on Android is that operation which unlocks a user who has administrator permissions on the operating system. Administrator privileges allow you to act on files that are normally locked for the normal user,thus offering full control of your device.

This feature is derived from the origin of the Android operating system, being based on Linux (where super user permissions are used very regularly).

The producers, to protect the integrity of the Android operating system as it is shown to users, deactivate the executable that allows obtaining root permissions. In fact, normally, when you buy an Android device, you never have the possibility to use root privileges.

This leads to the first direct consequence when performing the rooting operation: by enabling the root permissions you lose the warranty on the product, since it is a modification does not authorize the system proposed by the manufacturer.

In many cases, once the rooting procedure has been performed, it is possible to return the device to the pre-rooting situation.
However, it is always advisable to find out why some manufacturers include control mechanisms that make it possible to understand if the device has been modified previously.

To avoid problems, I advise you to carry out this procedure only on smartphones that have passed the two-year warranty provided and that no longer receive updates from the manufacturer.

Why should I get root access on Android?

After making a necessary premise, find out in this part of the guide the valid reasons forwhy rooting on Android:

Total and complete backup of apps, app data and system

Only by using root permissions is it possible to make effective backups of all the apps stored in the operating system, including the data associated with them (which may include game progress, configured accounts and messages). With root permissions, you will be able to make a complete backup with aTitanium Backupapp , available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Titanium Backup

Removing pre-installed system apps (Bloatware)

On many custom Android operating systems the producers insert superfluous or useless apps (also called Bloatware) that cannot be uninstalled like the other apps. With root access you can finally remove all these apps without problems and free up space on your Android device .
To remove Bloatware apps you can use a specialized app likeSystem app remover, downloadable from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |System app remover

Block all advertisements on Android

If you are annoyed by the advertisements that appear in the various free apps or while surfing the internet using the system browser or Google Chrome, getting root access is very advantageous. You can remove all advertisements on Android using an app that updates the hosts file in order to block all advertisements.
The reference app in the sector is certainlyAdAway. For obvious reasons, it is not present on the Google Play Store, but you can download the official app via the following link.


Increase speaker and microphone volume

Root permissions can help you even if your smartphone plays music at too low a volume or when you call the interlocutors are struggling to hear you.

You can change the audio output of your phone by setting a maximum volume threshold that goes beyond the specifications preset by the system. To make this change you can use a root app asRoot Volume Mixer + Booster / Microphone, available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Root Volume Mixer + Booster / Microphone

Recover space in internal memory

Your Android phone has less than 16 GB of internal memory or did you quickly fill all the space provided by the device? With root permissions you can use the SD card (usually microSD or miniSD) as an additional internal space to actually move all the apps to the outer space.

The best app in this regard isApp2SD, which can be downloaded from the link below.


Access the files in the system folders

The last advantage I want to tell you about root permissions is the ability to access folders that are not normally visible in the file manager (folders and system files), so you can perform a certain type of operation.

All the major file managers for Android have a root mode, but for the purpose I recommend usingRoot Browser Classic, downloadable from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Root Browser Classic

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