Why VR Is Not The Way For Online Casinos?

Remember the buzz about VR Roulette by Microgaming? It promised a revolution in online gambling, blending the thrill of the casino with virtual reality. Yet, years later, it’s still not a common sight in the online gambling world.

Why VR Is Not The Way For Online Casinos?

Why VR Is Not The Way For Online Casinos?

Actually, you can’t try it anywhere. This begs the question: Is online gambling truly ready for the VR experience? The evidence suggests it might not be.

Most Betting Happens On Apps

Today’s gamblers are all about convenience, and nothing says convenience like the smartphone in your pocket. Mobile apps, like the popular Betway app, have become the go-to for online betting.

They’re always accessible, easy to use, and offer a secure way to place bets. These apps have transformed gambling into an activity that can be enjoyed anywhere, whether you’re on a break at work or lounging at home. The simplicity and accessibility of mobile apps are key factors that VR has yet to match.

Statistics show that the vast majority of gambling happens on smartphones, with PCs being a distant second. Almost none of the gambling today happens on alternative platforms like gaming consoles, VR, or wearables.

Online Gambling Is Casual

One of the biggest draws of online gambling is its casual nature. Players often log in for quick sessions, perhaps while commuting or during short breaks in their day.

This is where VR falls short. Virtual reality, with its headsets and setup, is not something you can dive into for a quick, casual game.

It requires a dedicated space, time for setup, and the commitment to a more immersive experience. This level of engagement is at odds with the light, casual gaming style that most online gamblers prefer.

There Are Not Enough Headsets

Let’s talk numbers. The number of active VR headsets in the world is relatively small compared to the staggering number of smartphones. While exact figures fluctuate, the difference is clear: VR is still a niche market.

The widespread adoption of smartphones has made mobile apps an obvious choice for online casinos. Almost everyone has a smartphone, but the same can’t be said for VR headsets. This disparity in accessibility means that VR can’t yet compete with the sheer reach of mobile gambling.

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, VR stands out as a groundbreaking development. However, when it comes to online gambling, it’s not the ideal platform – at least, not yet.

The current state of VR technology doesn’t align with the preferences and habits of the majority of online gamblers. They seek convenience, ease, and casual gaming experiences, all of which are currently better served by mobile apps.

This doesn’t mean VR has no future in online gambling. As technology advances and becomes more accessible, we may see a shift. But for now, the virtual casino floors of VR remain a niche, waiting for their moment in the mainstream online gambling world.

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