Windows 10 Night Light | How to Activate and Configure

We spend a lot of hours working,playing gamesor watching movies on a PC, of ​​course everything in front of a Windows computer screen. It is true that the quality of the current panels has improved significantly in this regard in recent years, but it is worth taking some action.

And it’s, as you know first hand, that on more occasions than we should, we spend 8, 10, 12 hours or more in front of these screens, which is not good for the eyes.

Windows 10 Night Light | How to Activate and Configure
Windows 10 Night Light | How to Activate and Configure

Windows 10 Night Light | How to Activate and Configure

In fact, those skilled in the art will advise us, if necessary, to minimize the damage. This is something we will not notice in the short term, but over time it can seriously damage the health of our eyes. Thus, periodic breaks are not a bad choice, as is maintaining a certain distance from themonitor, among other things.

Of course, as it might be otherwise,Microsoft itselfis fully aware of all this, so it also offers us a solution. This takes the form of a useful feature for yourWindows 10 operating system,and it will be very useful.

Benefits of activating night lighting in Windows

Therefore, this solution, which fromRedmondoffer usWindowsto protect our eyes, is presented in the form of features contained in the system. This is something that already has several versions of the software between us, and it will help us a lot to comment on it.

With all we can tell you, what we’re really going to achieve is that our computer screen is constantly displaying warmer colors.

In order to do this, we must activate this mode to avoid damaging oureyesand help us fall asleep if we use the computer at bedtime.

It is worth noting that experts in this field recommend using this display mode in Windows when working in poor lighting conditions. Of course, this includes the case where we use a computer atnight. Therefore, we can configure several parameters in this regard to adapt its operation to our needs.

How to activate it in Windows

If we choose to use this feature that Microsoft makes available to us, it’s something we can easily do. This is something that, like many other things, we achieve from the ApplicationConfigurationof the system itself.

For example, we can access this via the Win + I key combination. This will take us to a new window, where we will search for and click on the System option.

Then on the screen that appears, specifically in the left panel of the screen, we find a section called Screen, which we also select. At this point, under the control we use to manage the brightness of the screen, we find what we are interested in, theNight Lightsection.

It is more than likely that we will initially find that this element is deactivated, so we must activate it from this selector. However, that’s not all we can do in this regard, but Windows offers us some customization parameters for night light.

Configure night mode and adapt it to our needs

As I mentioned earlier, this is afeature that will be very useful, especially if you work in a low light environment. Therefore, to customize its use, once we activate it, as we saw earlier, we will configure it. To do this, click on the link calledNight light configurationwhich is located below the activation selector.

This will take us to a new window, where the first thing we see is a button that gives us the ability to activate this feature immediately.

This is something that will actually help us get an idea of ​​what the screen looks like when the night light is activated.

But that’s not all, because at the same time we have the ability to adjust the intensity ofthis new display mode. This is achieved simply by moving the appropriate slider that we see here.

Set up automatic night lighting plans

As we told you, this button will help us get an idea of ​​what the screen will look like when this mode is activated. Most useful, however, is that we can adjust the exact moment at which we want the night light to start or deactivate it.

We can adjust this, for example, when it gets dark, or when we know for sure that we are working in alow lightenvironment.

To tell you what we’re doing from the same window is to activate a selector, slightly lower, that says night lighting programs. Once commissioned, we can settheon and off time of this function and check. Keep in mind that we can first define the mode to start at dusk.

And that’s because Windows knows, based on our configured time zone when night will be in our zone when it activates mode. The same thing happens withsunrise, but deactivate this feature that we are talking about.

But on the other hand, we may want to configure these plans manually. To do this, just click Define Clock while creating theexactstart and end time of Windows Night Light.

Although initially the change we notice in this view does not exist, it is very possible that we will be grateful for this simple change in the future. Among other things, this will allow us to strain our eyes less and it will not cost us anything, on the contrary.

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