Windows 11 | What are the New Features and How to Look Attractive

Windows 11 is said to be the latest Windows OS from Microsoft, so it’s no wonder that many Windows users are curious. Windows users from all over the world are currently busy talking about what are the new features and how Windows 11 will be released soon.

Windows 11 features
Windows 11 features

Although it has not been released and there is no definite time regarding when Windows 11 will be released, but as a loyal Windows user of course you are already curious about this new Windows. You must be curious and want to know what’s new from Windows 11, and whether this OS will really be different from Windows 10.

The appearance and features of Windows 10, which has become the latest Windows OS for the last 6 years, have indeed developed a lot. Massive updates on Windows 10 every 2 times a year provide complete and attractive features and looks.

So, don’t be surprised if the presence of Windows 11 is expected to bring cooler features and an interesting new look. Of course Windows users will be disappointed if Windows 11 will be the same as Windows 10.

New Features and Appearance of Windows 11

The discussion regarding new features and how Windows 11 will look is not certain. This is of course because Windows 11 has not been officially released by Microsoft. So, even though there are leaks circulating, there could still be changes.

But, if you are curious and want to know more about Windows 11, then in general it is said to be similar to Windows 10X.

In terms of appearance, the leaked Windows 11 circulating is very similar to Windows 10X. So, it is possible that Windows 11 is a development of the Windows 10X operating system. Or, Windows 11 is Windows 10X itself, and just renamed.

However, these features and appearances are certainly very different from Windows 10 which is widely used on laptops or PC computers today. To find out what the new features and looks are, please refer to the following review.

New Theme Colors and App Window Appearance

In the latest Windows 10 update, it may be seen that the colors displayed are getting softer. The point is that the color of the theme is not too contrasting.

This also applies to the Windows 11 theme colors which look softer and more elegant. You can still choose to useDark ModeorLight Mode, and both look cool.

Meanwhile, from the side of the application window that you open, there are also changes, namely the corners of the application window,pop-upsandcontext menus areno longer sharp. Every corner of the application window that you open will appear to have a slight curve, so it doesn’t look very boxy.

Taskbar Icons in the Center

The first and most striking thing about the appearance of Windows 11 is the application icons on the taskbar in the middle.

If you are using Windows 10, then of course you will realize that the application icon and Start button are on the left. However, in Windows 10 the Start button and application icon are moved to the center.

Of course this will be an interesting feature, especially so far, many users want to make the Windows 10 taskbar icon in the middle. Because in Windows 10 the taskbar is already in the middle, then of course you don’t need to modify it anymore.

But, if it turns out that you don’t like the taskbar in the middle, then please move it to the left again. You can move it very easily because it’s already available inSettings.

New Start Menu Appearance

In addition to the Start button that moves to the middle, when you click the button and the Start Menu appears, you will see something new too.

On the Windows 11 Start menu display, there are no morelive tilesor boxed application icons. There is only the same application icon as the icon on the taskbar.

This small icon size will of course make the Windows 10 Start Menu look more minimalist. In addition, your Profile and power button are shown at the bottom separately.

New File Explorer Look Tampilan

The default Windows file manager application also got a change in Windows 11. File Explorer in Windows 11 looks more attractive with new folder icons and shortcuts. Of course this will make you feel comfortable when managing files on laptop storage.

Plus the File Explorer window display that selects the effect of curvature at each corner as said before. To be sure, the File Explorer view on Windows 10 and Windows 11 looks very different.

Button To Split Screen While Minimize

In Windows 11 there is also a shortcut key to split the screen when you want to minimize the application window. In previous Windows, it actually existed, but you had to use a keyboard shortcut.

Now you can put the application window on half the screen while minimizing the window by using the shortcut keys on the screen.

New Wallpapers and Startup Sounds

The appearance of Windows 11 looks even cooler because it is equipped with a variety of interesting wallpapers. So, you can choose your favorite background so that the display of the Windows 11 Laptop that is used will look more attractive.

In addition, Windows 11 also restores the startup sound that was omitted in Windows 10. If you previously activated the startup sound in Windows 10 so that the laptop sounds when turned on, then this is no longer necessary. In Windows 11 the startup sound is on by default so the typical startup sound will be heard again.

Clearer Animation

In Windows 10, there is already an animation when you open or minimize the application, but it is not very clear. In Windows 11 the animation effect is made more visible.

This effect will allow you to see the shadow of the application window movement when moved, opened, or when minimized.

There are many other interesting features of Windows 11

Actually there are many other cool and interesting features of Windows 11. However, most of these features are also present in Windows 10 so it is not too surprising. For example, changes to the design of theMicrosoft Store, Settings,Action Center, and so on.


Those are some of the most interesting new features and looks of Windows 11. There are still many other interesting features, but basically they are also available on Windows 10 so they are not too flashy. So, you can experience all these features when you are already using Windows 11 on a Laptop or PC.

However, once again it was conveyed that the features mentioned above are only limited to leaks. This is because Windows 11 has not been officially released to the public, so there could still be changes. Even so, at least now you know how the description of the appearance and features of Windows 11 will be.

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