WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro | Copy Any File From DVD To Computer

WonderFox is a company now present in the field of software for many years, today we are going to test their software for copying from DVD to rigid support, such as the classic HDD.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro | Copy any file from DVD to computer
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro | Copy any file from DVD to computer

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

The software we’re going to test today is WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro.


The interface just opened the program is very simple and well taken care of:

At the center we can choose the source from which to derive the file, by clicking onDVD disc you willselect the disc inserted in the PC.

By clicking on the greenMPGicon you can choose which format to export the file to, in the case of videos the most famous are definitely MKV, MP4 and AVI.

Below we find the quality of the file, the higher it is and the longer it will take to extract it.

After setting everything according to your preferences, you can simply click onrunto start extracting your file.

Experience of use

Now let’s see some data and extraction times after testing the WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro!

  • To extract about 150 minutes of a video in MP4 and MKV (the formats we tested) it takes about twenty minutes, probably if you extract in MPG it will take you even less than 10 minutes.
  • At compression level a 7GB DVD can be transformed and reduced to just 1GB without loss of visual quality.

It is also possible to extract the subtitles from the DVDs,this guide is present on the official website.

To extract protected DVDs?

Currently WonderFox is one of the best for extracting DRM protected DVDs!

It supports many protections and also allows you to extract and unlock videos with region code or advanced coding supports.

Furthermore, in the case of advertisements or trailers on the DVD, the artificial intelligence implemented on the software will allow you to remove them and only convert the complete film.

Damaged DVDs

In case you are in possession of old DVDs with scratches and minor damage, the software will try to recover the data that would normally be lost, of course the final outcome also depends on the level of DVD wear.

How to download it

You can download WonderFox DVD Ripper from the button below:

WonderFox DVD Ripper

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