Xbox Series X Games Show For The First Time

The new game console, which Microsoft is preparing to go on sale this year and is not on the agenda with its leaks, announced the date when the Xbox Series X will show its first gameplay experience for its games.

Xbox Series X Games Show for the First Time
Xbox Series X Games Show for the First Time

While the accuracy of most of the information that has been said or revealed about the new game console for a long time will be discussed, the accuracy of these claims will soon be revealed.

How will Xbox Series X games affect the experience?

According to the information shared by Microsoft Xbox official Twitter account 1 hour ago, it was announced that the new game console will show its players the curious performance.

“Would you like to see the games for Xbox Series X? We want to show you the Xbox Series X games. ” Xbox X Series will be playedthe first gamein the history of the gameplay will be shownMay 7, 2020 18:00 BST on ThursdayatInside Xboxwas announced to take place in the event.

Microsoft’s move is thought to be positively received by gamers, as the information shared by Sony for the PlayStation 5 game console is limited.

So what games will we see in the Inside Xbox event? The list of games to show is not yet clear. However, theAssassin’s Creed: Valhallagame introduced today has taken its place as the only game to show the power of the new game console.

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