XSplit Vs OBS | Which One Is The Best For You?

XSplit vs OBS: If you plan to stream games on twitch, you’ve probably heard about OBS and XSplit platforms. Both open-source applications have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s hard to say which one is the best.

XSplit vs OBS | Which one is the best for you?
XSplit vs OBS | Which one is the best for you?

XSplit vs OBS | Which one is the best for you?

So I decided to study the ins and outs of the two platforms, then I will decide in the end which software will suit you best. Therefore, let’s start the battle of ” XSplit vs. OBS ” and decide which one is the best tool?

1. XSplit vs OBS: Pricing

OBS is completely free software with all the features, while XSplit is only free for the Gimped version and costs around $ 2.50 / month to provide premium services. But we should also consider the premium features that come with it while making a difference.

In addition, OBS has good video quality compared to XSplit which has a simulated green screen during streaming. OBS does not have an overlay screen, while the XSplit contains an overlay screen with many features that will contribute to better streaming.

Winner: OBS wins the game because it contains enough features in the free package.

2. OBS vs XSplit: performance

Both programs are able to stream games in 720p at 30 fps with a slight drop in performance, but they can not do it at 60 fps. However, the OBS can reach the threshold of 60 frames / second at 1152 × 658, which the XSplit can not achieve.

In addition, the OBS is able to handle the streaming of heavy games compared to the XSplit software. So, who is the winner of the section? Obviously, OBS can be a winner because of its ability to stream videos at 60 fps.

Winner: OBS

3. OBS vs XSplit: plugins and customization

OBS has a separate plug-in library, while the XSplit does not even have a plug-in that can be mentioned here. In addition, OBS offers more customization options and offers better control over XSplit software.

It does not have a set of customization options and is easy to use only in the initial phase. Because the XSplit requires more technical skills, you must choose it if you are a technician. If you do not have technical knowledge, do not worry, you always have the option of choosing OBS.

Winner: OBS

4. XSplit vs OBS: ease of use

Although the OBS does not have a good interface, I find the XSplit streamer much easier to use than the OBS. XSplit offers an attractive presentation with less advanced features, so as not to confuse newcomers.

While the XSplit provides an extensive on-screen feature library, it will be easy to create videos without wasting too much time.

I like all these XSplit-defined features because they help me stream videos at incredible speed and I can stream videos in a quick click to start and stop the video.

Winner: XSplit

5. OBS vs. XSplit: Integration Capabilities

OBS and XSplit both have incredible integration capability. But, if both offer the same value, then why did I add it to this battle?

In this context, what places XSplit above the OBS is that it offers an additional feature that you can use to add applications to specific connections, while OBS has failed to make.

But that does not mean that the OBS is a complete loafer. I think it has a wide range of methods that you can use to integrate other features.

Winner: XSplit

Tell us in the comment box which is better Xsplit or OBS.

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