YGGTorrent | How to Download | Increase the YggTorrent Ratio

Torrent sites are the best place to download the latest series and movies for free without paying any fees. YggTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers in France, but it is not easy to download torrents from YggTorrent like Cpasbien, Torrent9, etc.

YGGTorrent | How to Download | Increase the YggTorrent Ratio
YGGTorrent | How to Download | Increase the YggTorrent Ratio

How to Download to YGGTorrent – YGG Ratio Management

Can’t download from YggTorrent, don’t register, how to manage or increase your YGG rate? I offer you a solution, and in this article we will answer all these questions.

Why register on YGGTorrent to download?

BitTorrent technology is a peer-to-peer data transfer protocol, and a torrent tracker is a list of all computers that download or store files over a network such as the Internet.

Trackers are divided into 3 types: “ Public ”| “Tracker”. Private | Semi-private. Public trackers are trackers open to the public. To access it, you need to register as a private tracker. Torrent sites in France, such as Cpasbien, Torrent9 are of the public type.

Steps to download to YGGTorrent:

Step 1: Go to YGGtorrent.co and click “Register” to open the YGG account. You will receive a confirmation email

Step 2: Open the confirmation email received and verify your account.

Step 3: Log in with your credentials, you directly have a ratio of 15 (15 GB). Then find the content you want to download (video, audio, apps, games, e-books, etc.).

Step 4: On the content page, click on “Download Seed”. You have a .torrent file. You can now start downloading content using the torrent client or whatever you want. It’s very simple.

Note: It is recommended not to stop downloading the torrent after completing the torrent, but to keep it so that you can also share it (the seed). The benefit of the BitTorrent community is sharing.

What is the RATIO system?

it’s very simple. Therefore, in order to download 10 GB of content, you must share 10 GB of content. The RATIO given to us for 10 GB and 10 GB is 1, you can continue to download.

Suppose you shared 100GB on YGG, you can download 100GB, and now you download 20GB, but only half is shared.

And please note that one thing is that you have to wait until your balance is reset to 20GB before you can download any content. It is better to download 20 GB or 20 GB.

If you redownload too much, you will no longer be able to download. You have to share to reach the level. So it’s simple, your share rate must be equal to or greater than your download rate to download.

When you upload more content than you provide to the community, you will be able to upload more content. It makes sense and you shouldn’t use this system. Always think of a win-win situation.

If you want to download without sharing and not take the initiative, you don’t need to make PAYE. It’s simple, you can pay with your credit card and have everything you need without having to do it yourself.

Also, one thing to know is that Yggtorrent is really user-friendly as it will give you 15 GB when you sign up. So basically when you launch it on the website it’s like you already have 15GB shared.

Basically, you can download 15 GB for free right away and do nothing. But after a while you will have to share, so I suggest you keep the super-fast 15GB transfer and share it ASAP. I know very well what you want to say to me: “Ok, thank you, we understand that, but how can we increase the ratio?

How to increase the YggTorrent ratio?

Just by sharing, own it. Therefore, not only can you become a SEEDER, but you can also become an hLEACHERS. Therefore, before explaining how to share and how to become a SEEDER, you should know that what you want to download is not a file.

We call it Torrent, and in order to be able to download torrents, you need software that allows you to download torrents. There is a lot of torrent software. I suggest you download µTorrent or BitTorrent or qBittorrent instead. These are the three best around, so please download one of the three.

So what is this software for? As I explained to you, the software allows you to download torrents to make your movies, series

Suppose you want to download the episode “the last ship” and go to the YggTorrent website, where you will see a message from someone (like Alex) who shared the episode “the last ship”.
Therefore, Alex sent the plot of “the last ship” to the uTorrent software using the uTorrent software. How are you. There you have it, you have now downloaded the episode “the last ship”.

Previously, the only host of this episode was Alex. However, since you also downloaded it, we agree that you have also become the owner of the episode “the last ship”.

So let’s say there’s another person who wants to download this episode of “the last ship” and we’ll take Bob. If you leave the uTorrent software open and automatically keep the file in its original location when Bob downloads the plot, you have ignored the plot as a share. Including the planter.

It was automatic, then Bob also downloaded “the last ship” and became its owner. Suppose there is a fourth person, Patrick, who also wants to download this episode, but Bob doesn’t open uTorrent, he will automatically become a supporter. Okay, I think you got it.

Initially, the first SEEDER was the only one to share files. So when Alex uploaded it, no one shared it. Now when Patrick goes to download it, how many people are sharing it?

People are triples. Therefore, it makes sense that the more people share, the faster the download speed. Therefore, I think you understand that if you open the uTorrent software and keep the file in its original location, you will become a SEEDER sharer, so the ratio will increase.

Don’t say to yourself, yes I’m lazy, I’m not. You have to tell yourself that people are doing this for you, so do it for people. This is a shared site, a community site.

So this is the first way to increase your ratio and become a supporter. Now, the second way to increase its ratio is, first of all, as the first SEEDER, to share your content on your PC, to go to Yggtorrent and to download files.

We won’t hide it, we all have files on our PCs that people can use. It’s very simple, you can visit the Yggtorrent website and then place the file to share in the search bar to see if anyone has shared the file.

If no one is sharing it and you are sharing it. After all, you can share what anyone has already shared here, don’t worry. However, the best way to actually increase your ratio is to share content on Yggtorrent that has not yet been shared.

If there is nothing on your computer, I can give you some suggestions, this is just the first one to share. If you find something posted elsewhere, you can share it on Yggtorrent, and if you’re the first to share it, your ratio will explode.

This is an illustration of the ratio and how to increase it. I have explained all the principles of this site to you. So I hope you understand the principles of mutual aid and sharing. Please also read our guide on how to increase YGGTorrent ratio.


There is a way to use Ratiomaster software for unlimited distribution. Do you want me to show you how? Tell me in the comments that I will also do an article on how to use Ratiomaster to increase its YggTorrent ratio.

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