Torrent sites are the best places to download recent series and movies for free, without paying anything. YggTorrent is one of the most popular French BitTorrent tracker, however downloading torrents is not easy on YggTorrent as for Cpasbien , Torrent9 , etc.

How to Download on YGGTorrent - YGG Ratio Management
How to Download on YGGTorrent – YGG Ratio Management

How to Download on YGGTorrent – YGG Ratio Management

You can not download on YggTorrent, can not register, how to manage or increase its YGG ratio? I have the solution for you, in this article we will answer all these questions.

Why register on YGGTorrent for Download?

BitTorrent technology is a peer-to-peer data transfer protocol and a torrent tracker is a list of all machines that download or store a file in a network such as the internet.

There are 3 types of tracker: Public | Private | Semi-Private.

Public trackers are trackers open to the general public. To access it, you do not need to register unlike private trackers.

The French torrents sites such as Cpasbien, Torrent9 are of the public type.

Here’s So How To Download on YGGTorrent

Step 1: Go to¬†and then “Register” to open a YGG account. You will receive an email validation.

Step 2: Open the confirmation email received and validate your account.

Step 3: Log in with your credentials, you have a Ratio 15 (15 GB) directly. Then search for the content (video, audio, application, game, ebook, etc.) that you want to download.

Step 4: Once on the content page, click on ” Download the torrent “. You have your .torrent file, you can now start downloading content with a torrent client or whatever you want, it’s simple.

Note : It is advisable not to stop downloading a torrent once finished, but leave it so that you can also share it (Seed). The strength of the BitTorrent community lies in sharing

How to Increase YggTorrent Ratio?

Once you have exhausted the 15 GB free ratio, your account will be inactive and you will not be able to download. To be able to download again, you have 3 options:

Make a donation :

The YGG website offers ratio packs, so you buy there.
Upload a torrent : Remember that the strength of the community lies in sharing. To upload a torrent, go to Torrents -> Upload Torrent .

Seed downloaded files :

Once downloaded files, do not stop the download or move the files to a new folder.

Read also our guide on how to increase YGGTorrent Ratio?


There is a method to have an unlimited ratio using the Ratiomaster software, do you want me to show you how? Tell me in the comments and I will also make a video on how to use Ratiomaster to increase its YggTorrent ratio .

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