3 Methos To Activate An IPhone Without A Sim

Activate an iPhone without a Sim: When you buy an iPhone, new or used, or perform a reset on your old iPhone, you must activate it.

3 Methos to Activate an iPhone without a Sim
3 Methos to Activate an iPhone without a Sim

The activation process goes smoothly, without error in most cases, but you can sometimes face complications when activating your device. The most common error, in this case, is shown in iTunes when you don’t have wifi and try to activate it with your computer.

3 Methos to Activate an iPhone without a Sim

Activation is an essential step before you can use your phone. Otherwise, you can only connect to an iPhone that is unable to make calls and send SMS. Instead, it will only work as an iPod.

Before activation, you should always make sure that your device is using the latest version of iOS and that a SIM card is installed on it.

In addition, if your phone is locked on a particular mobile network, do not forget to place the SIM card of the same network in your device.

Most users with an iPhone locked by a SIM card usually experience this problem. If your iPhone is unlocked at the factory, no problem, you can activate it quickly by updating or restoring your device with iTunes.

The easiest way to activate without Simcard is to unlock your iPhone at the factory. If for some reason you can’t do it, you follow the step-by-step guide below.

Therefore, if you have a problem activating your iPhone, just take a look at the following methods and hopefully you will be ready.

Method 1: Activate via Wifi

The iPhone is a great device, and it can also be used without a SIM card, like an iPod connected to Wi-Fi, but you need to activate it first.

A valid SIM card is required to activate the iPhone. You can do this by connecting to wifi or to a computer where iTunes is installed.

Two basic types of iPhones are available on the market, GSM and CDMA. CDMA handsets can only be used on certain specific networks around the world, while GSM models are the most widely available. Whatever your model, you can still use it as a Wi-Fi device only after activation.

To activate your phone using Wi-Fi, simply connect it to Wi-Fi. It will automatically check your Apple device and activate it without you doing anything.

Method 2: Activate Using iTunes

When prompted to connect to a wifi network to activate your phone, simply tap the option that allows you to activate using iTunes. Your phone will now display the iTunes logo on the screen.

Then simply connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Just make sure that iTunes is installed on the computer first.

Method 3: without using iTunes or Wifi

For this method, you do not need iTunes, a SIM card or wifi to activate your phone, but you will have to follow all the instructions to the letter.

Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card, then turn it on. The iPhone displays an error indicating that the phone cannot be activated.

Just press the home button and choose the emergency call option. Call 112 and as soon as you press the call button, long press the power button as if you want to turn it off.

When you’re presented with the options to turn off the phone or to cancel, just tap cancel, and then tap the top of the screen to return to the call you made previously.

After that, just press the end call key, and voila, you now have an activated device and you can use it as an iPod with all applications just by connecting it to wifi.

Method 4: activation of an old iPhone

The methods mentioned above work best with newer devices such as iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s / 6/6 plus / 6s / 6 plus / SE / 7/7 plus. But what if you have an older iPhone like the 3gs?

Well, in this case, you just need to insert a SIM card (even an invalid SIM card will work fine) and connect your device to iTunes. Your phone will automatically activate in a few seconds.

Just don’t try to activate an iPhone you found somewhere, as using a lost or stolen phone is a crime. Otherwise, you will be ready to go if you follow any of the methods.

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