4 Ways To Delete All Your Tweets At Once

Delete All Your Tweets at Once: It’s time to clean up, start over and have the Twitter account reset again. Since it is not a native feature of the social network, several tools are available on the internet to do the so-called “tweet delete” or delete tweets at once. Here, we have listed some free options for you to clean up your social network.

4 Ways to Delete all Your Tweets at Once
4 Ways to Delete All Your Tweets at Once

4 Ways to Delete All Your Tweets at Once

Twitter allows tweets to be deleted one by one, without a solution for mass deleting posts on the social network.

One option suggested by the platform is to create a second account with a temporary username, and then change the username of the main account and thus release it to the second account.

The problem is that when creating a new account to clear tweets, followers, and people followed are not migrated or maintained

It remains, then, to resort to third-party services that do the heavy lifting automatically.

The limit of 3200 tweets

Before you start, you need to know that the tools below can only delete the last 3200 tweets from an account. This is a limitation imposed by Twitter, which gives applications access to just that number of recent posts.

However, some sites offer plans to get the job done and erase everything at once. But, for that, it will be necessary to download the file with all your Twitter data and send it to these tools.

In any case, even if you are not going to subscribe to the paid plan of some tool to delete the oldest tweets, download your file to have a backup of your profile.


Even with the limit of 3200 tweets, some tools do not have a paid plan to delete the entire profile history. In that case, it is necessary to perform the action more than once to clear the entire account.

If you are still unable to delete more than 3200 with one tool, use several of them to delete the rest of the posts.

1. TweetEraser

  1. Go totweeteraser.com;
  2. Click on “Sign in with Twitter” in the free plan column;
  3. When you are redirected to the Twitter page, enter your password to authorize the access of the tool;
  4. In the left side panel, select “Tweets”;
  5. A list will be loaded, mark only 1 tweet and select the option “Delete Tweet”;
  6. When opening the dialog box to confirm the deletion, select to delete all tweets found in the account;
  7. Confirm the deletion

To delete more than 3200 with TweetEraser, paid plans start at $ 6.99.

2. TweetDelete

  1. Visittweetdelete.net;
  2. Click on “Sign in with Twitter” to allow access to your account;
  3. Authorize the application to control the account;
  4. When you are redirected back to the Tweet Delete page, check the option “all my tweets” and the checkbox to agree with the terms of the site.
  5. Finally, click on the “Delete my tweets!” Button.

The Premium plan costs $ 9.99 if you want to use this tool to delete more than 3200 posts.

3. TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter (not the same as the previous one) is much more limited in the free plan: it is only possible to delete 5 tweets per day. That is, depending on the account, it can take months for everything to be deleted.

  1. Visittweetdeleter.com;
  2. Click on “Sign in with Twitter”;
  3. Authorize the tool’s access to your Twitter account;
  4. Select the tweets and then click the “Delete Tweets” button.

The paid plan costs $ 9.99 and clears 3,000 tweets a day, or there’s the unlimited tweet option that costs $ 14.99.

4. TwitWipe

  1. Access the tool attwitwipe.com/start;
  2. Click on “Sign in using Twitter”;
  3. Authorize access to your Twitter account;
  4. When you return to the tool’s website, click the “TwitWipe!” Button.

There is no paid plan. There is monetization for advertisements displayed on the tool’s website.

When you’re done, revoke app accesses

When you’re done wiping your account, don’t forget to remove apps’ access to your profile. This is important to maintain account security, as they will no longer have control over it.

  1. Access the Twitter settings (by clicking on the three dots);
  2. Click on “Account” and then on “Applications and sessions”;
  3. Click on the tool used and then on “Revoke access”

Thus, you can Delete All Your Tweets at Once. If you feel any issue, comment in the comment box.

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