Guide On How To Unfollow Twitter

Unfollow Twitter: If you actively use Twitter, of course you will know the development of the number of followers of your Twitter account. Maybe it will be happiness if your followers are more than the number of people you follow.

Guide on How to Unfollow Twitter

But sometimes your followers are also smaller than the number of people you follow, it can happen by several things. For example, the account that you follow is no longer active, fake, or doesn’t follback your account.

If you want to know how to unfollow a Twitter account from an account like the one above, there are several ways you can do.

How to Unfollow Twitter

To stop following or unfollow me on Twitter, all you have to do is as follows.

1. Unfollow From Tweets

  • Search for tweets from the account you want to unfollow
  • Click the check mark at the top right of the tweet.
  • Then click Stop follow

2. Unfollow Through Profile

  • Search & Open an account that will be unfollowed
  • Press in the Following section
  • Then press YES to stop following or unfollow

3. Unfollow from the Follow List

  • Tap the profile logo on the top left
  • Click on the Follow menu
  • Then you just tap Follow on each account that will be Unfollow

The method above you can directly practice yourself easily. Meanwhile, if you do not want to bother unfollowing one by one, there are other ways you can do. Namely by using the chrome extension available.

Here is a chrome extension that you can try to unfollow Twitter.

How to Unfollow Twitter through Extensions

1. Through Mass Follow for Twitter

As the name implies, this one extension allows you to massively follow or unfollow on Twitter. For how to use it is as follows.

  • Install the Mass follow for Twitter extension in the Chrome web store.
  • After the install process is complete, login to your Twitter account.
  • Enter your profile and enter the following menu.
  • After you are in the following menu, the Follow All and Unfollow All buttons will appear.
  • You can tap Unfollow All if you want to unfollow all accounts
  • Or you can also arrange to unfollow accounts that aren’t followers.

2. Twitter Unfollow All

This extension is slightly different from the previous extension because it is only able to unfollow people who don’t follow back into your account.

after you use the extension above, we can be sure that accounts that don’t follow back will automatically unfollow.

In addition to using the chrome extension, you can also use sites that can be used to view users who are not following your account.

Here are some ways to unfollow Twitter with sites that you can use to see users who don’t follow you.

How to Unfollow Twitter through the Site

1. Circleboom

Monitor your followers using Circleboom. This tool can help you identify Twitter users who have stopped following you. You can try this tool for free, only it has limited features. Different again if you use a paid service, you can use many of the features available.

In addition to seeing people who have stopped following you, there are other features you can try. You can use this application to set up tweet posting schedules, analyze fake accounts and many other features.

2. Unfollowgram

With Unfollowgram you can also monitor people who used to follow or your new followers. Even with Unfollowgram you can also monitor Followers on your Instagram account.

To use unfollowgram, you can simply log in using your Twitter account. The features provided are almost the same as other sites, namely to get information from users who do not follow you.

3. UnfollowerStats

Unfollowerstats is a free tool that can track people who have stopped following you on Twitter. To use it, you can just log in and give the application permission on Twitter, then you can use this service for free.

After logging in, this application will analyze your account and find people who have stopped following you. In addition you can also see accounts that have followed you but have not followed them back.

4. Followers – Unfollowers

For this one, you can use this application by downloading it in the Playstore first. This application can do more than just track people who stopped following you.

With this application, you can also see the growth in the number of your Twitter followers. But you cannot use this application to follow or unfollow Twitter users. Those are some ways and sites that you can use to Unfollow or check users who don’t follow your account.

With the above method you can reduce the number of following from inactive accounts or fake accounts, good luck!

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