4 Ways To Fix IPhone Flashlight Does Not Work

Fix iPhone Flashlight: You probably found yourself on more than one occasion in the dark and had to use the iPhone flash as a flashlight to light you.

4 Ways to Fix iPhone flashlight does not work
4 Ways to Fix iPhone flashlight does not work

It is one of those really useful functions of the current smartphone but it may fail at some time, probably at the least indicated time.

If this is your case and the flashlight of your iPhone has stopped working, it is possible that you cansolve it with the 4 tricksthat we will tell you below. This way the iPhone flashlight can help you move in the dark at night, find your keys under the sofa or have a good time at a concert.

Fix iPhone flashlight issues

It’s not something that usually happens, maybe that’s why it’shard to find a solution. Just below you have four possible solutions to the problems with your iPhone’s flashlight.

Restart your iPhone

It is one of those solutions that are worth everything. To do this we have several options, but perhaps theeasiest is to simply turn the iPhone off and on again. To do it:

    • Press and hold thelock buttonon your iPhone.
    • Wait for theupper slider toappear .
    • Swipe the screenand turn off the device.
    • Once it is turned off, press and hold thelock button again.

Reset the settings

If you don’t get it with a basic reset, it is best to reset the iPhone settings. You will not lose any data, image or anything like that, but you may have tore-adjust the wallpaper, alarms and other basic elements.

    • Open theSettingsapplication and then tapGeneral.
    • Then tap onResetand then on“Reset Settings”.
    • Confirmthat you want to reset the settings.

Close the Camera application

It is possible thatthe flash has stopped working because of the iPhone camera, a possible option may be to close the application. To do so, just swipe up on an iPhone X or later or press the home button twice on an iPhone with Touch ID and slide the Camera app and close it.

Charge your iPhone

If theiPhone battery is almost discharged, the flash may not work. This also happens if the iPhone is too hot or too cold. Charge your iPhone, wait for it to go down to an appropriate temperature and try again.

If you have already followed all these steps, and you haveupdated your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, and the flash still does not work is probably due to a more serious error and you will have to go through the technical service.

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