4 Ways To Record Calls On IPhone

Record Calls on iPhone: Recording calls on iPhone is not easy, and cannot be done natively on iOS. These are because not in all countries it is legal to record calls, received or sent.

4 Ways to Record Calls on iPhone

However, there are several ways to do it, although we recommend that you do it only following the laws of your country. For example, in Spain, you should notify the other person before recording the callif you do not want to have legal problems.

The reasons why we may want to record a call are diverse, for example for an interview or when we talk about certain legal or work matters. For this reason today we bring you4 different ways to record your calls from iOS, surely you will find how to do it.

4 Ways to Record Calls on iPhone

In iOS, there is no native way to record calls due to the legal impedimentsthat we have discussed, so before continuing we reiterate that you are aware of the laws of your country before continuing.

With external applications

In the App Store, there are several applications to record calls, and they all work more or less the same way. You must give your phone number and access to your contacts sincethe call will be made from the application itself, in addition to the call, there will be a third party who will be in charge of recording. Recordings will take time in the app and you can share and save them on your device or in the cloud.

Record call from Mac

From our Mac, we can also record the iPhone call, although we will have to use the iPhone’s speaker modeso that the calls are heard, or else answer the call from the computer itself, something that has been possible for several years.

You just have toopen the QuickTime application, click File> Audio recordingand use your Mac as if it were a recorder. It is a rudimentary but effective method.

Record the call with an external device

As with the Mac, we can also use any other device we have at home to record a call using the iPhone always in speaker mode. If you havean iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch, you can use the Voice Notes application, however, it cannot be the same iPhone from which you make the call.

On an Android device, you have many apps to download that perform this function, and if you have a recorder at home it will also work for you.

Using Google Voice

Google Voice is Google’s call service and surprisingly lets you record incoming calls. Google provides you with a phone number with which you can call and you can record these calls, however it only works withGoogle accounts in the US and with some accounts in certain countries.

To activate this option you must go to the Google Voice website, press Options and Calls and make sure that the incoming call options are activated.

These are all the ways that we know of recording a call from the iPhone if it is something specific we recommend using your Mac or another device and the speaker mode of the iPhoneis the fastest and cheapest way to do it.

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