5 Ways To Know Your Whatsapp Number Is Blocked By Others

WhatsApp has indeed become a widely used social media in the world. A variety of unique features and lightweight applications make WhatsApp increasingly has many new users. Besides WhatsApp ad-free , making old users feel at home.

5 Ways To Know Your Whatsapp Number is blocked by others
5 Ways To Know Your Whatsapp Number is blocked by others

With WhatsApp, we will be easier to communicate with people who are known and unknown. We can communicate with each other with friends, parents, family and strangers. But have you ever felt that your WhatsApp number was blocked by someone else?

Blocking events on WhatsApp are common. When you chat with someone suddenly he can’t be invited to chat anymore. This is caused by several factors, one of which your WhatsApp number is blocked. But what’s wrong with us making people block our numbers?

The reason why WhatsApp numbers are blocked

  • You have a conflict with him that makes him angry. He who feels disgusted by your presence both in the real world and on social media will automatically block your WhatsApp numbers. If you do not want to be late into this problem, it would be best if you succumb and meet him directly to solve the problem.
  • Your WhatsApp status makes them uncomfortable. This is usually unwittingly you make a status that makes them lazy to see your story, such as making a status of confession, the status of wanting to get married, the status of confusion, and the status of a kind of hoax continuously. It would be nice when you have problems like this you can overflow all of your parents.
  • He is your ex who wants to immediately move on from you. One chat or notification of your status will make it remember all memories. If this problem AyGek can not provide a solution because AyGek has never experienced anything like this, aka singles.
  • And finally, he accidentally blocked your number because he pressed the wrong block button. This might be due to her lack of concentration or the screen button on her cellphone error. If he still has a good relationship with you or is still in frequent contact, automatic blocking by accident does not last long.

Now that is the reason why you can be blocked by others. After knowing this, you must know the characteristics of our contact has been blocked by others.

5 Ways to Know Your WhatsApp Number Is Blocked by Others

1. Cannot see her contact profile photo

WhatsApp has settings where users are free to set their privacy, one of which is setting a profile photo. Profile photos can be set to not be shown to others when the number is not saved to her number.

If you usually have chattingan with him or have seen his status, it means that your number has been saved by him. If at any time you see his contact profile without a default WhatsApp picture or picture there is a possibility that your number has been blocked by him. Because in the blocking system, contacts that have been blocked cannot see the profile photo of the blocker.

2. Last seen or online status is not visible

After your contact number is blocked by a person, you cannot see the status of last seen how many minutes or online when you go to the chat feature. But this should not be used as the main benchmark, because WhatsApp has settings so that the status is not visible to others. The settings can be done in the Settings menu > Account > Privacy > Last Seen .

3. When checked always check one

Things like this can be caused by two factors: the account is no longer active or your number has been blocked by him. As we know that in the WhatsApp chat feature there is a marker that our chat is sent, not yet sent, and sent but not yet sent to him. If sent but not yet sent to him it is marked with check one.

If you chat with him, but check that one lasts for a long time there is a possibility you are blocked. To ensure that you are blocked by him, you must have a group with him either class or office group. After that you borrow your friend’s cell phone as a group as well, then see the activities in the group, whether he is active or not. If so, then your fix has been blocked by him.

4. He can’t be called

When you call her number via WhatsApp but the call is rejected, it’s likely that your number has been blocked. It’s simple to try this method by opening the chat feature to his account, then click the phone icon located in the top right corner.

5. Your WhatsApp status has never been seen and your status has never been seen

This is influenced by almost the same factor when you chat only check one to him. Blocking in WhatsApp allows the blocker to not display the status of the person being blocked in the status menu. Vice versa people who are blocked can not see the status of people who block it.

It is also not entirely positive that you are blocked, because WhatsApp has status settings for whom our status is shown and for whom our status is not shown. But logically if the status never appears but still see the status that we make means you are not blocked.

The final word

That is the characteristic of your WhatsApp account or number being blocked by someone else . The five signs do not absolutely prove that you are blocked. But you can check directly on the third number, that is, chat always check 1 and you have been in the same group with him.

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