6 Important Tips For Beginners To Play DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a MOBA type game that is played by 2 teams consisting of 5 people from each team and can only be played on a PC. Many people have heard the term MOBA game thanks to the rise of those who play Mobile Legends and Arena Of Valor.

6 Important Tips for Beginners to Play DOTA 2
6 Important Tips for Beginners to Play DOTA 2

For those of you who want to explore / want to try a more challenging MOBA game you must play DOTA 2. Because in DOTA 2 it’s very different from ML or AOV even though the same type of MOBA game.

You can download DOTA 2 on Steam . You type in the steam search “DOTA 2” you can directly download the game for free. All you need is a laptop or computer with a minimum

OS: Windows Vista
CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.4GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 @ 2.5GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 9800 / AMD Radeon HD 4870
DirectX: Version 11

Here are tips how to Play DOTA 2

1. Don’t Skip Game Tutorials

For those of you who are new to playing the DOTA 2 game, please don’t skip the first time playing the game. With the tutorial, you will understand the basics of playing DOTA 2. Knowing what kind of skills, what items are like, the rules of play and how to move the hero.

Many of them immediately skip the tutorial because it is considered boring. Apart from being bored, you should know the basics of playing before trying other tips.

2. No Blind MAP

Different from ML or AOV games, DOTA 2 itself has a fairly extensive MAP. Even many dark areas that can be used by the enemy to be ganged. Playing DOTA besides focusing on finding gold and exp, you also have to pay attention to MAP.

Before the game starts you have to know which hero is your friend and which hero is your opponent, your opponent and enemy will be different in the mini map icon. In the default settings, the enemy is the arrow shaped icon, the friend is the cursor shaped icon. You have to be aware when enemies that disappear in minimap, they could be hiding in the forest and get ready to gang up on your hero.

3. Knowing the DOTA Game Role

There is nothing wrong for a newbie to find out what roles are in DOTA 2. If you learn this, you are a smart beginner. There are 5 Main Role viz

Position 1 as a Hard Carry. Hard Carry Hero is a Hero who can lift or key the main victory of a team and will usually use safelane. Hard Carry heroes are usually weak heroes in the Early Game but are fierce in the Late Game. Hard Carry Hero must be smart to take advantage of last hit opportunities to get gold faster.

Popular Hard Carry Heroes such as Phantom Assassin, Ursa, Anti Mage, Dragon Knight.
Position 2 as a Semi Carry / MidLaner. This hero will be in the middle lane and face 1 opponent 1. This hero must be able to master the middle lane and gain Exp as soon as possible. Usually Midlaner heroes take advantage of high skill levels to get hurt damage at the beginning of the game and in the middle of the game. MidLaner heroes are demanded to master reliable last hits and beats.

Popular MidLaner heroes such as Invoker, Storm Spirit, Pudge, Queen of Pain.
Position 3 as Offlaner who functions to survive in the lane alone against 2 enemy heroes. Being able to survive alone is thankful especially being able to farm in the lane. Offlaner heroes don’t usually depend on items but have skills that are useful for staying alive and sick when used against opponents.

Popular MidLaner heroes such as Doom, Dark Seer, Broadmother, Tusk.
Position 4 as Semi Support / Roaming which serves to help team ganking. This hero usually roams the forest map. If you’re not doing forest creep stacking, then hide in a dark map to prepare your opponent ganking.

Popular Semi Support Heroes such as Nature Prophet, Bounty Hunter, Chen.
Position 5 as Hard Support is the position most needed in the team. This role is not good, because you have to buy support items such as Ward, Courier, and clarity and you are prioritized at the very bottom of killing creeps or opposing heroes. You should be able to make Hard Carry comfortable when farming and help it when ganking.

Popular Hard Support heroes such as Rubick, Dazzle, Keeper of Light, Shadow Shaman, Lion.

4. Items that must be taken during early game

When the match starts, you will get not so much initial gold. Use the gold to buy the Town Portal Scroll and the remaining Tango adjusts the items to the role that you are currently using. Town Portal Scroll is very useful when you are in a precarious situation, for example, when you run out of blood and blood is dying, you can return to the Base or when you are stuck in the forest or in an enemy gang, you can use this TP to escape.

While tango is useful for regenerating your HP cellphone. When your hero is hit until it reaches half its blood, you can use the tango to restore your hero’s HP. Use the tango on the tree, your cellphone will automatically recover little by little.

5. Ignore Criticism in the Game

DOTA 2 game is hard, bro, you have to have a mental steel to be able to continue playing DOTA 2. You have to ignore their dirty talk and their insults. Even the slightest mistake you will be insulted, ignore them and focus on playing so your team can win.

6. Use the easy Hero first

Learning to use heroes is important, you are encouraged to use the easy ones first. In Dota 2 alone it has more than 100 heroes and not all of them are designed for beginners. Use easy heroes first if role carry like Phantom Assassin, Sniper, Ursa. If the hero supports use Crystal Maiden, Spirit Breaker, Ogre.

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