What Is Peertube And How To Use?

For those who do not know Peertube yet , I’ll make it short: Peertube is like a YouTube “YouPub” . It allows to share and distribute freely its videos in peer-to-peer mode. The benefits of Peertube are numerous and we can mention among others: its open code, its lack of advertising, its decentralized nature, its philosophy of sharing, its resilience, a good way to bypass censorship etc … I will not quote them all but to find out more about how to use it or set it up, it’s here .

A search engine specialized in Peertube videos?
A search engine specialized in Peertube videos?

A search engine specialized in Peertube videos?

To know how to find one’s precious

Today, if I am looking for a video on Peertube, I am limited to the choice proposed by the instance on which I chose to go. At best it federates with other bodies and can offer me a little more choice. But it will be far from exhaustive, and especially I miss many other videos that would probably be known. For the neophyte to have a unique web address as a reference to search for video, it will greatly simplify things.

Centralization is good (troll)

Now I’m going to share the link of a search engine specialized in peertube video indexing . His name is: “peertube index”. Well, I give you a bad name that suggests that its author is far from the usual concerns of marketteux to sell us service. And that’s a good point for me.

This engine is public and can find a large number of peertube videos related to the keyword of your choice. In fact, it “crawls” all the known instances of the official list and other sources a priori (to check), it tests their availability and indexes the contents.

Test a video search:


The project :

Do not ignite!
Why am I saying that?

Already the results might disappoint you if you expected to get the same as under Youtub. The offer is limited for the moment because few people still do not use or even know the existence of Peertube. It is a software still confined to libristes but which is just beginning to expand its user population.

In addition, this engine is simply experimental and wanted as such by its author and therefore ultimately linked to his only desire. So if tomorrow he wants to close the site that hosts his engine, he does it and no one can blame him, it’s his baby!

He puts it gently available for the moment, publishes his code on github but does not open it to the community for possible contributors. We can still praise his initiative that should satisfy many beginners. But it is true that this type of project contravenes the very principle of decentralized web wanted by Peertube and carried by Framasoft . Moreover the author ” Silicon 14 ” insists on the independence of the two projects .


Here, I hope that this engine will allow at least those who did not yet know Peertube, to discover and participate also by sending his masterpieces on his favorite instances.

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