How To Acquire The Unova Stone From Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO just celebrated its third anniversary and it seems to hold up as well as when it was a newly released video game. We are talking about one of the most played and highest-grossing video games worldwide according to different media that compile statistics, SuperData for example.

How to Acquire the Unova Stone From Pokemon GO?
How to Acquire the Unova Stone From Pokemon GO?

In recent months, a lot of information has been offered about the content that will reach the end of 2019. This month, Niantic has added a new region, which brings content to the video game. The most relevant addition is the UNOVA Stone from Pokemon Black and White and the 5th generation Pokemon.

The UNOVA Stone is a tool that we will need to evolve some Pokémon of the 5th generation to their final evolutions. Before revealing how to get the stone, we will tell you which Pokémon will need it: Pago, Pearear, Panpour, Lampent, Munna, Minccino and Eelektrik.

How to get the UNOVA Stone from Pokemon Go?

Unlike other stones, which are obtained through battles against other trainers, UNOVA stones can only be obtained by conducting Research Advances. To complete a Research Breakthrough, players will have to complete Field Research.

To start doing this we will simply have to acquire Poke-Stops and we will be assigned a random field research challenge. Missions such as Catch 10 Fire-Type Pokémon or Win a Raid. In fact, it is very likely that some players have already started this process without knowing it.

After completing a total of 7 Field Research challenges, a random Research Breakthrough reward will appear in the corresponding menu.

These rewards can give Pokémon, Poke Balls and Rare Pokémon, and also UNOVA Stones. It should be noted that we can only open one of these rewards per day. After getting a UNOVA stone, we can evolve the pokémon that require that stone.

In short, Research Tasks are the key to accessing the new UNOVA stones. While you are doing these tasks, catch related Pokémon so you can evolve them and complete your Pokedex.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple devices. What do you think of the new UNOVA stone from Pokemon GO? Have you already started your search? Do you have any? Tell us in comments.

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