How To Play With Pokemon Go Bot?

We told you how to play with the bot, one of the illegal methods of playing Pokemon Go. Click to read the blog. We have already mentioned how we will playPokemon Go withFake GPS by stating that we are against it. Once we start this type of content, the questions from you are not interrupted.

How to Play with Pokemon Go Bot?
How to Play with Pokemon Go Bot?

This time, we asked you to investigate once thebotquestions for Pokemon Go game started and the rumors started to increase.How to play theinformation we got withPokemon Go bot?We share it to answer the question.

NOTE: I believe that Pokemon Go provides more integration with society and expand our environment. Therefore, I am completely against playing a game with cheating. The contentswewrote are completely your requestsand is intended to inform you readers.

In other words, this information that I share with you does not support my understanding of the game, I think the competition should be experienced under fair conditions.

Seeing a 3000 CP Pokemon in a GYM does not seem to have been obtained from me legally compared to the release date of the game and the difficulty of development.

Without forgetting, our aim in sharing this article with you is not to manipulate the game but to say “Look, there is such a thing” and to inform you. So let’s start.

First you need to download the latest version of the bot that is running andclicking here. Next, the operations you will do are very simple and let us explain what you need to do over the images:

Pokemon Go Bot Setup

Account Info

In the upper left, the section surrounded by red color is the section with your account information. You should choose which one you are logging into from your Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club.

I will have a suggestion only for those using Google accounts.Change your Google password before using thebot,change it after using the bot, and turn on two-step verification immediately. The reason I want you to do this is because we are already using an illegal program. Therefore, do not leave account security at hand.

Location Settings

In this section, which is framed in orange, you select the location you want your account to contract. Don’t touch the Speed ​​and Move radius parts, just choose where you want to contract and move on.

If you search a bit on google maps, you can find very nice places. When I researched people who use these and similar programs frequently, I found that they prefer especially coastal areas.

Bot Settings

In this section, which is framed in green, we see the basic bot settings. Do not remove the tick that says “Auto transfer double Pokemons”, it will be useful to keep it open as it serves to transfer similar pokemon.

Trytokeep the Max CP to transfer sectionbetween 400-1000. We do not touch the telegram settings below this section.

Pokemon Items

In the section surrounded by the blue color, you can set which items should be collected and which should be sold during contraction. As you know, items have a limit and you cannot get anything when there is no space in your bag.

So try to make good adjustments, since you will contract, items such as revive and potion will not work for you. So load them on berry and pokeball instead.

Other Settings

Let’s examine this section, which is framed in black, one by one:

  • Use LuckyEgg at Evolve -> Use LuckyEgg before evolve.
  • German Pokemon Names -> Pokemon names are in German, it has nothing to do with us.
  • Use Incense every 30min -> Use Incense every 30 minutes.
  • Evolve Pokemons if enough candy -> Evolves Pokemon if there is enough candy.
  • Enable Pokemon list GUI -> Lists your Pokemon in a special interface.
  • Keep Pokemons which can be evolved -> Keep pokemon to evolve.

Pokemon Settings

There are three different settings in this section, which is framed in yellow. In the first part, you can mark the pokemon that you do not want to be transferred from your pokemon list, in the second part, you can select the pokemon you do not want to catch, in the third part you can determine the pokemon you want to evolve. Then writeSave Configurationand proceed.

How Pokemon Go Bot Works

The bot runs from a dos screen like below. You also have the opportunity to watch everything clearly:

How Pokemon Go Bot Works
How Pokemon Go Bot Works

As I mentioned in the first paragraphs, I am completely against playing the Pokemon Go game with cheating. After I made the statement, I deleted it and immediately changed my password. If you have the opportunity to play the game according to the rule, I recommend you to play it that way.

In addition, this content has been created in line with the requests from you, andif you use the bot, you arefully responsible forbanning your account. Due to this method, which is currently forbidden in the game, all the risks you take will belong to you.

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