How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Accessing a website to find information is certainly something you often do. Usually every time you open a website you need to enter the url in the address bar or address bar.

This method can be said to be less practical, especially if you visit the website very often. A more practical way to open your favorite website is to add bookmarks to Google Chrome.

How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome
How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

The existence of bookmarks in browsers such as Google Chrome will make it very easy to open websites that you visit frequently. This is because after adding the web to Chrome bookmarks, you no longer need to type the url in the address bar. To open it, you only need to click on an existing bookmark.

The bookmark itself is a link ( link ) to a web page that is stored in the browser you are using. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, the bookmarks that you have added will be in the address bar.

So, if you have a website that is accessed very frequently, then it would be better to add it to your bookmarks. You can also easily remove the bookmark if you no longer need it.

How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Some Google Chrome users also frequently add bookmarks when accessing important new websites. They do this so they don’t forget the url of the website when they want to open it again. So, it can be said that creating bookmarks is an effective way to store website addresses.

How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome
How to Add and Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Every time you add a new bookmark, the website address will be represented by a favicon ( favorite icon ) and the website title. You can make bookmarks in the form of the front page of a website or certain pages that are more specific.

Creating bookmarks on the Google Chrome browser is not difficult at all. Likewise, deleting or removing bookmarks that you have previously created is very easy.

So, you can freely add bookmarks to your favorite websites and delete them at any time. But, before trying this method, you should have updated to the latest version of Google Chrome so that Chrome is used the same.

Create Bookmarks in Google Chrome Browser

As previously explained, adding bookmarks to the Google Chrome browser is very easy. How do I create bookmarks in Google Chrome? please follow the steps below.

  • Please open the Google Chrome browser which is of course already installed on your laptop or Windows computer.
  • After that, please open the website that you will add to Google Chrome bookmarks.
  • To add a bookmark of your favorite site to Google Chrome, simply click the Bookmark this tab ( star icon ) located in the right corner of the Chrome address bar.
  • After that an Edit bookmark pop-up will appear which you can change as desired.
  • The Name section will automatically fill in the website page title, you can change it if you want.
  • Meanwhile, leave the Folder section on the Bookmark bar so that its location remains in the address bar.
  • When it’s finished, then please click Done to save it.

After that, you will see the icon and title of the website that you just added to the Google Chrome Bookmark. Now you just need to click on the bookmark to open the website.

As additional information, you can always display the Google Chrome bookmark bar.

  • To do this, please click the menu ( dot icon ) in the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  • After that, hover over Bookmarks then click Show bookmarks bar.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the Ctrl + Shift + B keyboard shortcut to show and hide the bookmark bar.

Thus the Google Chrome bookmark bar will always be visible even if you are opening a web page.

Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome Browser

Apart from adding, you can also delete or remove website bookmarks in Google Chrome very easily. So, when you don’t need the website, you can easily remove it from Chrome’s bookmark bar. How to delete Google Chrome bookmarks? please follow the steps below.

  • Please reopen the Google Chrome browser on the Laptop or Desktop PC that you are using.
  • After that, open the website that you want to remove from bookmarks.
  • Once open, please click Edit bookmark for this tab ( star icon ) in the right corner of the address bar.
  • In the pop-up that appears, please click Remove to remove it from Chrome bookmarks.
  • After doing these steps, the website icon that you deleted will disappear from the bookmarks.
  • Thus you have successfully deleted the website bookmark in Google Chrome.

That’s an easy way to add and delete bookmarks in the Google Chrome browser. Use this method to save your favorite website addresses so you don’t have to type the url every time you want to open it. Thus you can open the website in a more practical way.

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