How Advanced Search Works on Twitter

Theadvanced Twitter searchis an option through which you can locate certain tweets that for some reason you are interested in recovering.

How Advanced Search Works on Twitter
How Advanced Search Works on Twitter

How Advanced Search Works on Twitter

You can find tweets from certain users, those that have been sent from a specific geographical area or those that were published within a certain date.

You have all the tweet location options below.

How to locate tweets using advanced search

To locate a specific tweet you must follow the steps indicated below:

  • Type the search term in the specific Twitter bar
  • Click onAdvanced Search, the option that you will find in the lower areaof Search Filters. You can also locate this option fromMore options> Advanced search
  • Complete each of the fields to narrow down the search for the specific tweet as much as possible
  • Click onSearch

To ensure that you are as successful as possible in finding a certain tweet, you can perform searches based on certain aspects. Here you have all the options available to carry out your search:

Search by words

If you remember a specific term included in the tweet, you can include it in the search to speed up the search process:

  • All words in any position
  • Exact phrases
  • Exclude specific words (“Twitter” but not “search”).
  • Specific hashtag (#twitter).
  • Tweets in a specific language (written in English)

Search by user

Another way to locate tweets is through specific user data:

  • Specific Twitter account
  • Tweets sent in response to a specific account
  • Tweets that refer to a specific account

Dates and places

Another way to narrow down your search for a specific tweet is by specifying a specific date or location.

  • If you want to locate a tweet based on its geographical location, you can access the drop-down menu to choose an area
  • If you opt for a search based on dates you must go to the same drop-down menu from where you can specify a range of dates “from”, a date “to” or both.

Use of Commands

Another strategy to locate tweets is using commands. Specifically, you can use the commands:

  • “From:”, “since:” and “until:” which, translated is “from:”, “from:” and “to:”

You can accompany them with another search parameter to locate specific tweets suchas: “from: your account” to locate the tweets of your user account or accompany it with a date to find tweets from a specific date.

Alternative search: Complete archive of tweets

Another useful option is to request a complete report from Twitter with a summary of your account activity on the web.

To do this you must follow the following route:

  • Go to your account settings and selectContent> Request your file

Depending on how long you have been with your activity on Twitter, the process may be more or less long. Finally, you will receive a detailed report with all the tweets published since the account was opened to date.

Snap bird

It is one of the most complete tools torecover old tweets. It allows the search of the timeline of any account, as well as the tweets in which it has been mentioned, its tweets and its favorites.

Snap Bird’s search is done through keywords, searching from the first tweet.

All My Tweets

Another of the best tools to recover old tweets isAll My Tweets. Its powerful search engine allows you to locate the last 3,200 tweets you have made on a single page.

To start using it, you only have to allow the tool to access your account to start tracking all tweets. All the information will be loaded in reverse chronological order until the first tweet is reached.

Now that you know all the options available to locate a certain tweet in time, you will be able to control all your publications, eliminate the tweets that you are not interested in that are still published or remember the tweets of your beginnings in the social network.

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