You probably already know about everything on AirDrop but a little trick not known to all is the possibility of receiving files directly on the Desktop or any other folder.

AirDrop on the Mac: How To Send Files Directly To The Desktop Or Other Folders
AirDrop on the Mac: How To Send Files Directly To The Desktop Or Other Folders

AirDrop is a convenient standard technology on macOS: it allows you to wirelessly send documents, photos, web pages and more to any other user on the same Wi-Fi network that is nearby. You can exchange items between Macs and iOS devices with nearby people. At this address you will find our tutorial on how to use it and how to use it.

From the Mac you can send items from the Finder (using the dedicated icon in the sidebar), from the Desk (with the right mouse button or equivalent combination of the trackpad choosing “Share” and then “Airdrop”) or from apps like Safari or Maps using the “Share” button (the one in the shape of a small square with an arrow in the middle at the top).

It is obviously possible to receive items with AiDrop. When someone uses AirDrop to send an item to the Mac, we can choose whether to accept it and save it. If we send an item from one device to another (for example, from the iPhone to the Mac) and we log in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on both devices, the item is automatically accepted and saved. In the AirDrop notification on the Mac, just click on the Accept pop-up menu; just look for the item in the Download folder or in the app where we saved it.

A peculiarity not known to all is that when someone sends us a file and the notification window of AirDrop appears on the Mac, in addition to choosing “Accept”, we can drag the item directly to the desired folder.

Remember that AirDrop uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer items between devices. Make sure they are enabled; Otherwise, you will be asked to activate them when we try to send an item.


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