All Solutions To Block Ads On Android

If you find yourself flooded with ads while you are browsing online, while you are playing or using apps, you are constantly getting spam video or even the ads opening on the home of your Android device, so you are in the right guide that will explain how to find the best solution to your problem .

All Solutions to Block ads on Android
All Solutions to Block ads on Android

All Solutions to Block ads on Android

Blocking ads on Android is feasible through various methods depending on the problem.

Remember, however, that many sites (like ours) use non-invasive and certified Google advertising, use these methods that we’re going to see on sites / apps that are too invasive.

Android ad blocker

Here is the index with all the solutions we’re going to see in this guide to block ads on Android:

  • AdGuard, an application that creates a local VPN that blocks advertisements
  • Blokad , similar to the previous one
  • Kiwi Browser , a browser that integrates AdBlock and pop-up blocker. The best solution for those who surf online and see streaming without spam
  • PopUpAd detector , identifies which apps generate advertisements on your phone as a spam to unlock, receive advertising notifications, etc.
  • Lucky Patcher , application famous for modding Android apps. It allows you to edit app files and remove code-level advertisements.
  • Change DNS , the last solution we see is the DNS change in the modem that allows us to not have advertising when connected to it.

Do you know other solutions for Android do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article!

Applications that act as AdBlock

These two applications allow you to create a local VPN (it does not change your IP, but from the settings you can select the DNS change to unblock the obscured sites) and through data filtering it avoids the passage of advertisements allowing you to use your Android smartphone without advertising.

It therefore blocks spam while you browse, use apps, be on social media, YouTube and much more.

The best browser with AdBlock

Kiwi browser is simply the best existing browser with integrated AdBlock.

The only one able to block any advertising pop-up on streaming sites, even on the most aggressive ones. Extremely recommended for those who habitually visit sites full of advertising or watch a lot of sports / movies in streaming online.

Remove the advertisements in the home / phone unlocker

Do you happen to see the ad as you unlock the phone? Or do you get continuous advertising notifications?

To remove you must first find the app that causes all these problems, to do so we must analyze the smartphone well.

In the guide to removing these malicious apps I’ll explain how.

Lucky Patcher

An app with a thousand functions and that requires a minimum of experience on Android to use it.

On the site we have written this guide that speaks from 0 to 100 of all the available functions, but if your interest is only to remove the advertisements then I advise you to read the guide to modify the app without root.

DNS change

Last solution, which works only when connected via WiFi, is the change of DNS on the home modem so as to have AdBlock that protects all connected devices.

It is a solution that underpins everything as it filters all the harmful traffic, to do so there are various steps to follow.

These are the main solutions on how to block advertisements on Android.

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